Ocasio-Cortez Takes Her Nonsense Too Far — Gets Attacked By Democrats

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Democratic newbie and media darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was at one time considered the future of the party. But after an unending series of idiotic interviews, comments, and ideas, it looks like her star is rapidly falling. This first term Congresswoman seems to be losing support — from the very last place expected.

Looks like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is facing the harsh reality of party politics. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez conned her way into office. She was able to unseat a 10-term Democrat, largely thanks to her pandering to a Latino-heavy district in New York City. Imagine my surprise! A politician did well among Hispanics, after promising to abolish ICE!

That ploy got her the nomination. But her wild promise to abolish ICE got more than a few in her party following her lead. For a while, the media talked about Democrats promising to get rid of the sole agency that protects Americans from undocumented aliens.

The left-wing media seemed impressed with this novice politician. Mostly because she fit all their social justice checkboxes. Minority? Check! Not a man? Check! Under the age of forty? Check! She was the perfect poster child for the fake news to peddle around as the “new face” of the Democratic Party.

Hey, Barack Obama is old news, my friends. The future is female, after all!

But Ocasio-Cortez just couldn’t help herself. After enjoying a small boost in the media, she went on to prove just how unequipped, inexperienced, and uninformed she was about our country. She knows nothing about our economy. She pushes radical socialist programs — with no idea on how to pay for them. And she frequently gets into fights with people she simply cannot best.

Now, it looks like Democrats are getting tired of this “socialist darling.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is under fire from her Democratic colleagues in the Senate over her far-left policies and social media antics..

“I’m sure Ms. Cortez means well, but there’s almost an outstanding rule: Don’t attack your own people,” said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO)…

“Her views don’t represent a lot of my constituents,” Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) said… [Sen. Doug Jones] warned that if House Democrats attempt a far-left agenda, its legislative accomplishments will be few and far between. [Source: Breitbart]

That’s only the beginning. It seems like more than a few Democrats are trying to lurch back to the center. While the liberal media is pushing their radical, social justice, far-left agenda, Democrats represent regions that will not stand for that. Plus, the president is a Republican.

There is no way a far-left agenda is going to pass. Yet stupid Ocasio-Cortez keeps pushing idiotic ideas that will only burn the party and their voters.

Among her bad plans are “Medicare for All” (which will cost $32 trillion), the end of ICE, and her “Green New Deal,” which she plans to pay for by taxing the rich 70 percent!

It’s almost like she’s working against her own party.

Perhaps her most recent, big mistake was pitting a fight against former senator Joe Liberman. He criticized her terrible Green New Deal, explaining that the 70% tax rate would never work. She responded like a child.

The freshman congressman has also garnered criticism from former Democrat lawmakers — notably ex-Sen. Joe Liberman (I-CT) — who recently said Ocasio-Cortez’s call for a 70% marginal tax rate is proof that she does not represent the “future” of her party.

“If you… accumulate income in the country the big bump is still in the middle class,” he said. “So you’ve got to be careful about raising taxes too high… a 70 percent tax on high-income people is really done for political reasons.”

…Ocasio-Cortez quote-tweeted Lieberman’s remarks with: “New party, who dis?” [Source: Breitbart]

Wow. So, Democrats are just electing stupid teenagers these days, huh? Liberman proved a thoughtful, intelligent explanation of why her plan won’t work. Ocasio-Cortez reacts like an ignorant buffoon.

Chances are, senior Democrats are going to force Ocasio-Cortez to fall in line. She does not have the influence or support to push her agenda. She is simply a “flavor of the month” as Jon Tester called her. Unless she grows up, she won’t be around for long.

But everyone needs to know about her stupidity. The mistake of electing someone like her should never happen again.