“Occupy ICE” Finally Ejected from Portland, But They Left a Nasty Surprise Behind

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Police finally removed the numerous protesters who camped outside the ICE offices in Portland. But what these “crusaders” left behind tells you everything you need to know about the left and the kind of people who support their toxic goals.

Police cleared away the last of the Occupy ICE protesters, only to discover a horrible reality. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Screenshot/YouTube)

It happens every time a group of unwashed, miserable liberals gathers. From the Dakota pipeline to numerous environmental movements, when leftists come together to demonstrate, you can count on a few things.

First, you can count on nothing happening. Liberals love to march and rally. But rarely do they have any real goals or objectives. It’s all about making a lot of noise for the cameras. The liberal media will cover it like it’s the most important event in history. They never have anything meaningful to say or clear intentions once the excitement is over.

Do you know what “Occupy Wall Street” was really meant to achieve? How about the “Women’s March”? Exactly. These “movements” are nothing more than grownup temper tantrums.

Occupy ICE did have a clear goal: they wanted Immigration and Customs Enforcement abolished. There’s just one problem: that’s never going to happen. Even the Democrats who drafted a bill to abolish the agency voted no. It was simply a stunt to get the liberal media riled up. Occupy ICE was yet another waste of time and money. Not to mention a massive burden on the city of Portland (and every other city in which they gathered).

Finally, after a month of nothing, Portland police have had enough. The Occupy ICE encampment has become such a danger, police are forcing them to leave. But, as in the case of the Dakota pipeline occupation and Zuccotti Park, these liberal “heroes” left behind a massive amount of waste. How bad is it? How does the term “biohazard” strike you?

Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw spoke Wednesday morning after officers entered the Occupy ICE camp hours earlier and evicted the remaining demonstrators…

“We knew we had to get ahead of it before it spiraled out of control,” Outlaw said while addressing the media.

When police entered the camp Wednesday morning, they found several fire hazard and biohazard concerns including needles, feces and nails.

“There’s clearly unsafe conditions in the camp. The longer they persist, the harder it is to clean them up in the end,” Outlaw said.

Cleanup at the camp will begin around 8 a.m. Outlaw says the cleanup work will be contracted out by the individual owners of the properties. [Source: KATU]

Of course, the owners of the surrounding properties will have to clean up the mess. Why don’t the many scumbag protesters clean up the garbage they left behind? They spent a month bitching about the evils of ICE. Aren’t they conscientious enough to clean up after themselves?

Obviously not. Like so many other leftists, they expect others to clean up their own mess. Makes sense. These are the same people who demand universal healthcare and income. People who want America to welcome millions of illegals who will take away our jobs and burden our economy. The same people who wanted Bernie Sanders to give out free college tuition.

And who pays for all of this? Certainly not these leftists! Like all good socialists, they expect other people (hard working Americans) to pay for their wasteful, selfish lifestyles.

How many of these “occupiers” went home to their parents’ basements to play Xbox? I’m betting more than few. How else could they waste a month living in tents outside a building?

It’s important that we talk about this issue. These protesters scream and berate ICE officers and Americans who support President Donald Trump. They pretend to take a moral high ground over issues like the environment, illegal immigration, and “social” justice. Yet they are so wasteful, inconsiderate, and self-absorbed, they refuse to clean up their own shanty towns. They make the places they go worse than they were before.

Tell me this: shouldn’t it be the opposite? If they really cared so much about our country, shouldn’t these liberals make our cities better? Surely, they could at least clean up their own messes.

The fact that they leave a trail of destruction tells you everything you need to know. These people aren’t patriots. They are hardly champions of any cause. They are reprobates; spoiled, entitled, selfish children. They are merely puppets of larger forces who want to sow chaos and discord into our communities. These protesters don’t even care about the issues they scream about. They only exist to make things worse, so that powerful groups can sweep in and take over.

It’s high time we put a stop to these kinds of movements. We have to hold accountable the people who allow them to happen. Let’s start with the liberal media and Democrats in office.