Uncle Ted Did It Again! Offended Liberals Whine Over Nugent’s Viral Post

Politically incorrect rocker Ted Nugent is well-known for his pot-stirring antics, which he directs at whiny liberals who tend to take themselves way too seriously, and it appears that he’s managed to get under their skin once again. Uncle Ted’s recent post on Facebook is earning cheers from conservatives, and the ironic, butt-hurt reactions from the left make it even more enjoyable to read.

Ted Nugent, who is affectionately referred to as “Uncle Ted” by his fans, is an outspoken supporter of the Second Amendment and the Republican Party in America. He has a strong reputation for saying what needs to be said while throwing political correctness to the wind. Because of his political views and refusal to “play nice,” Uncle Ted is wildly hated by liberals, and for those same reasons, he’s well-loved by patriotic conservatives.

On Christmas Day, Nugent published a post on his Facebook page in which he addressed both Democrats and Republicans in a message of holiday greetings. Although that would seem like a simple gesture, the way Uncle Ted worded his separate message to the supporters of each of the two political parties has incited a hilariously spiteful reaction from the left that only further proves that his opinion of liberals is spot-on.

Uncle Ted Did It Again! Offended Liberals Whine Over Nugent's Viral Post
Screenshot of Ted Nugent’s Facebook Post on Christmas Day.

The folks over at Truth Feed described Nugent’s post as being “in your face fun!” However, judging from numerous comments under the post, liberals are having a hard time finding the humor. Instead of being able to laugh at themselves over Uncle Ted’s intentional, but only slight, exaggeration of typical liberal behavior, they’ve come out swinging with nasty attitudes and a flood of personal insults.

One of the countless snarky comments reads, “Thanks! And good luck with those shows you had to cancel because they were so poorly attended you couldn’t make money! Better to stick with the rhetoric I suppose. hey, maybe you can turn that into a song that will ultimately flop and cost your producers money like so much of your music!” To that whiner, Nugent’s glorious personal response was, “Cancelled no gigs asswipe. SONIC BAPTIZM2016 greatest tour of my life. fakenews for fake people. ES&D!

Another perverted cry-baby wrote, “The only thing Ted Nugent is good at is playing Trump’s skin flute.” Then, there’s this eloquent comment by someone who obviously hates Nugent, his politics, and anyone who agrees with him: “Hey Ted I understand, you’re an ignorant douche and that’s how you want to stay. Who am I to argue? You’ve made a lot of money off the dumb fucktards that follow the whiny bullshit that you spew.

The butt-hurt goes on and on throughout the comments which number over 7,200 at the time of this writing. Of course, the majority of the responses are in appreciation of Nugent’s simultaneously sarcastic and truthful humor, but the countless spitefully angry remarks and personal attacks just go to show how intolerant most people on the left truly are.

Congratulations, liberals, you’ve proven once again which side of the political aisle actually contains the most hateful, judgmental, and ill-tempered people, and just to be clear, it’s not Republicans.

h/t [Clash Daily]

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