Officer Shot 5 Times By Low-Life Couple, Then Family Announces Miracle

Over the weekend, a Louisiana officer was shot 5 times by a low-life couple, leaving his family and the community in shock. However, his family has since made an announcement — and it’s nothing short of a miracle.

A 25-year-old Louisiana Fisheries and Wildlife Agent, Tyler Wheeler, was shot five times by a woman during a traffic stop on Saturday. Agent Wheeler survived the horrific attack despite being shot in the temple and jaw by the suspect, who is now awaiting arraignment.

In this most recent incident in the war on law enforcement, two suspects have been arrested and charged. The shooter, Amethyst Baird, a 31-year-old of Monroe, Louisiana, is being held on a charge of attempted 1st-degree murder. Jeremy Gullette, a 34-year-old also from Monroe, has been arrested and is being charged with accessory after the fact to attempted 1st-degree murder.

Louisiana Fisheries and Wildlife Agent Tyler Wheeler, 25, with his wife Haley.

According to a report by KNOE8 News, the incident took place early Saturday morning when Agent Wheeler was on patrol in Morehouse Parish. At approximately 2:06 am, Agent Wheeler was conducting a traffic stop when he was shot multiple times by the suspect.

It was only a matter of hours into the investigation when Louisiana State police detectives were able to uncover sufficient evidence to arrest Amethyst Baird and Jeremy Gullette. A motive for the attack has not yet been discussed by Louisiana State law enforcement.

Amethyst Baird, 31 (left), Jeremy Gullette, 34 (right)

A statement released by Colonel Mike Edmonson, State Police Superintendent, said:

“I am very proud of the hard work and persistence of investigators to quickly identify and arrest these suspects. We continue to pray for Agent Wheeler as he recovers from this senseless assault.”

At 3:03 pm on Saturday afternoon, Agent Wheeler was listed in stable condition by doctors at LSU Health Shreveport.

His family is said to have posted updates on social media indicating that Wheeler’s brain scans did not show signs of damage from the bullet that entered his temple. They also indicated that doctors were planning to do surgery on Wheeler’s jaw, which had also been struck by a bullet. It is a bonafide miracle that he will survive without brain damage after being shot twice in the face.

Reportedly, Governor John Bel Edwards had reached out to Wheeler’s wife to express his well-wishes for a quick recovery.

This disgusting scenario has played out over and over across our nation throughout the last several years. A deliberate strategy has been in play by those who would create a divide between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve for the purpose of political maneuvering. Police have become targets with little or no defense from the highest levels of our government.

It is wonderful that Agent Tyler Wheeler will get to go home to his wife and child when he recovers from this gruesome attack. So many officers have fallen in the line of duty in recent years without so much as a second thought from our soon-to-be former president or his administration. Instead, they seem to have been obsessed with supporting domestic terrorist groups, such as BLM, who perpetuate the war on law enforcement.

Hopefully, January 20th will bring a much-needed change with the Inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

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