Black Official Has 1 Question For Black Lives Matter Millionaire Athletes Protesting Cops

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Despite millions of fans boycotting the sports industry, professional athletes continue to kneel and raise fists during the National Anthem in protest of racism and police brutality. However, after seeing the rising popularity of anti-police protesting, a black official has come forward with 1 simple question for Black Lives Matter activists.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill (left) has one brilliant question for Black Lives Matter supporting athletes who choose to kneel and protest police officers. (Photo credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Screenshot/YouTube)

While athletes continue to use their paid field time to publicize their political opinions, their arrogance reaches a pinnacle as they compare criticism of their disrespect of the flag to the abuse hurled at historical civil rights leaders and freedom-seeking slaves. Unfortunately, these out-of-touch armchair activists not only do nothing for their cause while lazily kneeling for the anthem but have ensured that their protest has lost any meaning it once had. Although these pampered competitors incessantly claim that they represent the black community and its issues, one of their own elected officials has called out their smug hypocrisy.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill isn’t mindlessly latching onto the Black Lives Matter movement’s claim that they fight to save black lives. In fact, Hill recently chided “highly paid athletes protesting in the comfort of billion-dollar stadiums” and asked the BLM activists if they really care about the black community, why aren’t they protesting the biggest enemy of black lives — black-on-black crime?

“Highly paid athletes protesting in the comfort of billion-dollar stadiums under the protective gaze of security personnel does little to evoke the image of historic civil rights protests of the ’50s and ’60s. Those valiant heroes of our past were largely ordinary people courageously taking extraordinary risks, at great cost, in the name of racial justice. They stood for freedom,” Hill wrote in an op-ed he recently sent out to news organizations.

Hill explained that the BLM is proving with each protest of police that they don’t care about black lives when they’re unjustly taken by members of the black community. In fact, he asserts that even if every time a police shooting of a black person was a result of racism and brutality, it still pales in comparison to the number of blacks murdered by members of their own race, according to the Indy Star. This, he says, proves that the BLM movement has a biased motivation and isn’t actually concerned with making the black community safer.

“In 2015, 259 blacks were killed by police, according to data collected by The Washington Post. Even if we were to presume that all 259 police shootings were unjustified, that number is dwarfed by the estimated 6,000 black lives senselessly murdered by other blacks,” Hill wrote. “We live in a nation where blacks make up approximately 13 percent of the population and yet account for more than half of the murders. Shockingly, 90 percent of those victims are murdered by other blacks. Something is terribly wrong.”

Hill concluded that instead of actually kneeling, which hasn’t saved even one black life, these privileged athletes need to “stand up against black-on-black violence.” In fact, Hill argued that while players have every right to peacefully protest, they should seek active ways to help their community instead of opposing the law enforcement officials who are protecting them.

“Black-on-black youth gun violence is costing thousands of lives a year. Generations are being wiped out. Witnesses of these murders frequently are unwilling to cooperate with police, allowing many murderers to get away with it — meaning no justice for that life lost,” Hill continued. “But contrary to the tone of many protests concerning police shootings, not every police shooting is unjust. In fact, the overwhelming majority are proven to be a reasonable use of force often connected with violent criminal behavior. Yet none of the 6,000 murders of young black people was justifiable. None. Every single death was preventable. Every single murder demands justice. The killing must stop.”

Instead of merely criticizing the privileged, wealthy athletes for their passive demonstrations, Hill suggested that they stop directing their outrage at police officers and start giving a voice to the black men and women who are killed each year due to black-on-black violence.

“And the NFL’s opportunity? Violence is a constant threat, and blacks are being murdered at alarming rates in cities all over this nation — including cities that host NFL franchises. Rather than kneeling in silence, they should choose to stand as men of character and courage and tackle black-on-black violence,” Hill suggested. “How many more young black men will die at the hand of another black man between the final whistle of last Sunday’s game and next Sunday’s kickoff?”

Of course, Hill isn’t the only one questioning the real motivation behind the Black Lives Matter movement. After losing her 21-year-old son to black-on-black violence, Demicha Lofton-Thomas asked why activists claim to care about murdered blacks when they solely focus on those killed by law enforcement officials.

“I don’t preach ‘Black Lives Matter’ because, to me, black lives only matter to people when the law enforcement is involved,” she chastised. “It’s not just about law enforcement. All lives matter. It’s a black man that killed my kid. So, how can people preach ‘Black Lives Matter’? I don’t believe in that. All lives matter.”

Hill and Lofton-Thomas, as well as the entire black community, deserve a more progressive approach to the issues affecting their race. As Hill stated, over 90 percent of murdered blacks are killed by members of their own race while deaths by police make up a tiny fraction of lives lost.

The only reason the BLM refuses to acknowledge the majority of their race’s deaths is because their movement is motivated by racism and division. Until they begin fighting against their community’s violence problem, they don’t actually care about black lives.

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