Ohio Man Shocked As ‘Babysitters’ Load 5 Kids Into U-Haul, Then Cops Make 2nd Sick Find

Brian Dekam (left), Jamie Adkins (center), U-Haul van (right) (Photo: WKYC)

An Ohio man watched in horror as two “babysitters,” who looked beyond creepy, loaded 5 children, including a toddler, into the back of a U-Haul. As they shut the doors and attempted to drive away, the good Samaritan stopped the moving truck and called the police. When the cops arrived, the situation went from bad to worse as they were left shocked by the second sick find that was made when they opened the U-Haul doors to let the children out.

According to local news source WNEP, the shocking incident took place in Elyria, Ohio, when a city worker watched 55-year-old Brian Dekam and his girlfriend 25-year-old Jamie Adkins, load 5 children into the back of a disgusting U-Haul truck. The city worker took action immediately, blocking the van from leaving the gas station parking lot, where he had spotted them, as he called the police.

When the cops arrived on the scene, they opened the doors to the back of the U-Haul and were shocked to find four children between the ages of 2 and 6-years-old, as well as a 15-year-old, packed into the back of the dirty moving truck. According to authorities, the children were all covered in bed bugs, lice, and fleas.

Police rescued 5 children from the back of a U-Haul truck (Photo: The News Recorder)

The city worker told police that “there was no way he was going to let that truck leave with the kids in the back of it.” According to AJC, the 2-year-old was treated for heat exhaustion at the scene before being flown to Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital for treatment. The other four children were also taken to the hospital, where medical staff discovered the extent of the deprived conditions in which they were kept. The four younger children are now being cared for by Cuyahoga County Children Family Services.

When police arrested Dekam and Adkins, they reportedly said that they had been watching the children for two weeks at the request of their mother. Adkins reportedly told police that 29-year-old Kimberly Hull, the children’s biological mother, knew about how her children were packed into the back of a dirty moving van and called it “fun.” No details have yet been released to confirm their claim that they were asked to do any babysitting.

Dekam, who also told police that they were driving back to Cleveland from a flea market in Amherst, was arrested and charged with five counts of endangering children and his “lovely” girlfriend Adkins was also taken into custody and charged with four counts. Each of the alleged babysitters is facing one felony count in their list of child endangerment charges.

Regardless of how much sense this disgusting travel arrangement made to Dekam and Adkins, children should never be kept in such deprived conditions. If their claims that the mother approved this trip are true, she needs to be dragged into court and held accountable for her part in this sickening incident. Thank God, these children are no longer under her care or that of the special “babysitters” she allegedly found to dump her kids off on.

While this story is a shocking example of the level of depravity in our society, there is a bit of positive to also be seen. The city worker who stopped the U-Haul from driving away deserves some big recognition for his decision to be a hero to those poor kids. No child deserves to be treated that way under any set of circumstances.

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