Omar Dumps Husband Again — Long Criminal History & Rap Sheet Uncovered

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Rep. Ilhan Omar is right now staying at a five-star hotel in Venice, Italy with Nancy Pelosi and other fat-cat Democrats. Living the high-life, Omar just dumped her husband, who she just married in 2018. He is reported to be the father of her three kids. This caused Minneapolis reporters to dig deeper into her past and find an extensive criminal history along with a long rap sheet. Don’t miss this.

Rep. Ilhan Omar with husband Ahmed Hirsi (Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images, Instagram/Ilhan Omar)

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s marital history is so confusing it’s even hard for seasoned reporters to keep it straight. The Somali refugee just dumped her first husband, for the second time. Omar claims she married Ahmed Hirsi in 2002 “according to her faith tradition.”

Except, it wasn’t “legal,” and she later filed taxes jointly committing tax fraud. More on that later.

Omar claims she dumped Hirsi in 2009 and married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, who is also allegedly her biological brother. Records show Omar, Hirsi, and Elmi all living together in North Dakota while Omar and the so-called brother went to North Dakota University.

It wasn’t until she ran for Congress in 2016 that people wondered why she was still living with her first husband Ahmed Hirsi while married to the man now identified as her brother. That’s when things got sticky, and she had to get a quicky divorce, claiming she had no idea where Ahmed Nur Said Elmi was.

He was located living in the United Kingdom with Ilhan’s sister, and Omar had identified Elmi as her brother on social media accounts that were quickly deleted. However, conservative reporters had already taken screenshots.

Ahmed Hirsi (Husband one) Ilhan Omar (middle) Ahmed Nur Said Elmi (Husband two) (Photo Credit: Ahmed Elmi/Facebook)

Now, she’s dumping the first husband, again.

“The bust-up comes just as critics are demanding answers as to whether she married her own brother in a successful bid to get him into the United States,” the Daily Mail reported.

“Wow,” said Hirsi, when approached about the split by the Daily Mail outside the complex. “I can’t comment on that.”

“I’m sorry, I just can’t say anything,” he added before driving off in his BMW car. Hirsi, 39, had been seen leaving the $2,860-a-month Minneapolis penthouse alone at 7:45 am and returning to drop off his mother and his younger daughter nearly three hours later.

Why wouldn’t she want to dump him? Omar’s living in a high-priced penthouse. She vacationing with Nancy Pelosi in Italy. She’s making $174,000 dollars a year thanks to us taxpayers.

Ilhan Omar’s penthouse (Photo Credit: Zillow)

This was the final nail in her coffin with the Minneapolis press who have given her cover. Leaked reports on Omar’s criminal record reached conservative reporters.

Omar was recently ordered to pay back thousands of dollars of campaign funds that she spent on personal expenses. According to National Review, Minnesota’s Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board “ordered Omar to reimburse her former campaign committee for $3,500 in personal accounting and travel expenses, and levied a $500 civil penalty against her for misspending the funds.”

This is when they discover the tax fraud with husband number one. 

“The Campaign Finance Board discovered she filed tax returns stating she was married to one man when, in fact, she was married to another. The revelation was a part of an investigation into allegations that Omar had misused campaign funds,” reports NBC News. 

Then, there’s the trespassing arrest in 2013 which turned into a real ordeal when Omar remained defiant in the face of the arresting officers. Minnesota’s Alpha News reports that Omar “was arrested in 2013 for trespassing and booked at Hennepin County Jail ‘to prevent further criminal conduct,’ according to a newly uncovered police report.”

Then there are the traffic violations. The Minnesota Trial Court Public Access site, which is run by the Minnesota Judicial Branch, lists no fewer than twenty-four violations by Omar, the first on May 28, 2009, and the most recent on January 17, 2019, when Omar was a member of the House of Representatives. There are twelve violations in 2016 alone.

Sure, traffic violations are no big deal. But twenty-four violations? Clearly, she sees herself above the law. 

Omar was also cited twice, on October 17, 2018, and October 25, 2018, for driving with expired plates. On April 27, 2012, she was caught driving without a driver’s license.

“The sheer number of these violations demonstrates that Ilhan Omar believes, apparently with good reason, that she simply need not have any regard for Minnesota law. And when one takes into account the trespassing arrest, the campaign finance violations, and the marriage to her brother, a disturbing pattern emerges. Does this Minnesota lawmaker have any respect at all for the law?” reports Frontpage Magazine.

“Does Ilhan Omar, whose Sharia-compliance is demonstrated by her hijab, also have this disregard for any law other than the law of Allah? We will probably never know because no establishment media ‘journalist’ would ever dare ask her about this,” FrontPage added.

Well, Omar isn’t too broken up about her pending divorce. They were not legally married very long, just about one year according to records. However, it looks like the soon-to-be-divorced dad, Ahmed Hirsi, isn’t doing too bad. He’s driving around in a BMW, while Omar is dining with Nancy Pelosi in Venice, Italy.

Oh, but the Democrats are all about serving the poor and misplaced like the migrants, right? Wrong. Omar hates America, claims it’s a bigoted country. However, the Somali refugee is living like the one percent. Omar better not get too comfortable in her new lavish lifestyle.

According to reports, which we can not confirm yet, the Minnesota Congresswoman is doing “dubious things” hoping to derail the ongoing investigation into her marriage fraud. We predict she can’t stop the truth from coming out. So, she’s living it up now knowing it could all come to a crashing halt real soon.

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