Omar Claims She’s A Big Patriot Just Like George W. Bush, Gets Epic Smackdown

Rep. Ilhan Omar is trying to justify her repulsive remarks about 9/11. By now, everyone knows the disgraced Congresswoman said “some people did something” while referring to the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor. Now, she claims she’s a big patriot just like former President George W. Bush. Immediately, the arrogant Omar got an epic smackdown. You’ll love this.

Rep. Ilhan Omar and former President George W. Bush (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

Ilhan Omar is delusional and refuses to apologize for an array of disgusting remarks she’s made since coming to Washington, DC only four short months ago. One can only come to the conclusion based on the Somali immigrant’s statements that she has a deep-seated hatred of America and Israel.

And she’s making her hatred crystal clear thanks to Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats who are so afraid of Omar that they failed to punish her for the anti-Semitic tropes and emboldened the Minnesota Congresswoman to think she could say whatever she pleases. There are no consequences.

So she trashes America whenever she can. And making matters worse the 37-year-old is being backed by rabid hardcore Communists who are patting her on the back. That brings us to Omar’s new excuse in trying to legitimize the appalling 9/11 remark:

But she wasn’t done. A far-left fringe broadcast called Democracy Now!, who align themselves with Socialists and Communists in America, had a recent guest, Moustafa Bayoumi. He is a self-professed anti-Israel apologist, is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, and has Communistic views. He also is a huge backer of Ilhan Omar, and his Twitter feed proves it.

And that’s why he was on Democracy Now!, to cover for Omar and make one of the most outlandish and intellectually dishonest comparisons between Omar and President George W. Bush. Bayoumi, who is now Omar’s mouthpiece, claims the Minnesota Congresswoman’s remarks about 9/11 aren’t offensive at all.

“Which American politician publicly referred to the terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attacks as ‘those folks who committed this act,’ seemingly downplaying its horrors?” asked Bayoumi. “Was it Minnesota representative Ilhan Omar? No. Try George W Bush.”

Right away, Omar retweeted Bayoumi’s statement in triumph, trying to make it appear that she is as patriotic as former President Bush when it comes to 9/11. That’s right, she thinks most Americans are stupid. Everyone knows Bush said those remarks just hours after the Twin Towers fell. No one knew with certainty what terrorist group was responsible for the attack at that time.

Here is the tweet Omar posted on her timeline as her defense for her 9/11 remarks. She wants you to think she’s a great patriot like former President Bush:

“In case it wasn’t clear from any of the times she’s said heinous things, Ilhan Omar is an awful person. And trust us: We’re being generous when we call her a person because we’re struggling to find any evidence whatsoever that Omar is anything but a monster,” reported Twitchy.

“In the wake of the uproar over her despicable remarks about the 9/11 terrorists, Omar is still pushing the B.S. narrative that she’s a victim because she’s a black Muslim woman,” Twitchy added. “She retweeted this ridiculous attempt by Democracy Now! to white-knight for her. Doubling down on the comparison between Omar’s remarks and George W. Bush’s. Absolutely, infuriatingly shameless.”

And Americans are done with the Minnesota-hater. “This is appalling! This tweet was just RT’d by @IlhanMN. This is 100% confirmation that she is indeed downplaying 9/11. Bush spoke these words on 9/11 at 9:30 AM. He began: ‘Two airplanes have crashed into the World Trade Center in an apparent terrorist attack on our country,'” tweeted Jerry Bier.

Bier, a professional writer, was on fire: “THE TOWERS HAD BEEN BURNING LESS THAN AN HOUR AND WERE STILL STANDING when Bush spoke these words. This is a travesty to compare Bush’s words at the MOMENT of 9/11 with @IlhanMN’s offhand mention almost 20 years later.”

The Minnesota Congresswoman was also called a radical Muslim extremist by Dr. Qanta Ahmed, a fellow Muslim who says “Omar is a disgrace to Islam.”

“Omar’s grotesque trivialization of a national tragedy amounts to an explicit denial of 9/11 – a desecration of all the lives erased that awful day. This denial is inexplicable unless she has strong and covert Islamist sympathies,” said Ahmed.

It’s time to call out Omar as a radical Islamist, as Dr. Ahmed does. She’s also an anti-Semite. If she were a Republican, there is no doubt she would be expelled from Congress. You can’t be a United States Congressman and have sympathies toward a radical ideology we are literally at war with. Rep. Omar’s true character is exposed, and we can no longer look the other way.

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