Omar Scrutinized By DOJ & FBI After Receiving ‘Pivotal, Never-Published Info’

The time for Ilhan Omar to come clean and attempt to save herself has passed. It’s just come to light that the DOJ and FBI have appointed special investigators who are looking at specific information tied to one of her many scandals. We’ve uncovered what led to that development. Meanwhile, Omar once again made another huge mistake that she won’t ever live down. You don’t want to miss this.

Ilhan Omar confronted by reporters August 2019 (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshots)

Investigative reporter David Steinberg is one of the three prominent journalists who has uncovered every salacious detail regarding Ilhan Omar. Steinberg started out covering the Somali refugee way back when she was just a nobody serving as a Minnesota State Representative.

So, when Steinberg talks about Omar, people listen. In fact, according to the investigative reporter, the people who are now listening to him are the DOJ and the FBI.

BIG Ilhan Omar update: I know you are disgusted by @IlhanMN’s lawless behavior lately, and her anti-Semitic demand we only sanction Israel, not Turkey and Iran,” Steinberg tweeted. “So here’s some good news. Several weeks ago, I gave pivotal, never-published info on @IlhanMN to the FBI.”

“A formal complaint had been filed with DOJ — and DOJ actually responded,” Steinberg said. “DOJ arranged a meeting w/ an FBI SAC [Special Agent in Charge]. I have been beyond pleasantly surprised by how receptive the FBI has been w/ me and others in this matter.”

Steinberg also states, “If a federal investigation is opened based upon this meeting, I believe the never-published information I shared should quickly lead the FBI to conclusive evidence that [Ilhan Omar] committed numerous felonies between 2009-2017.”

If are you one of those Americans who truly believe the Minnesota Congresswoman is a disgrace and should be behind bars, not making $174,000 dollars a year as a United States Representative, then this is promising news.

Based on the timeline Steinberg is giving and his own past reporting, it’s safe to say he now has additional unpublished evidence regarding Omar’s alleged fraudulent marriage to her brother.

I’m about 90 percent confident I’ve identified Ilhan Omar’s 6 fraudulent siblings from the Omar family. Will publish when 100 percent,” Steinberg stated.

The DOJ doesn’t refer a case to the FBI unless there is something extremely damning in the evidence Steinberg handed over. The FBI doesn’t appoint a “Special Agent in Charge” to investigate unless the evidence has met an extremely high threshold.

Ilham Omar, or whatever her real name is, should be panicking. This is no longer just some rightwing conspiracy.  

Unfortunately, Ilhan Omar truly believes her status as a Somali refugee, a Muslim, a woman of color, and now a Congresswoman, affords her special protection from prosecution. That’s not how we do things in America. At least, not yet. The Democrats are sure giving “selective justice” a good try with their bogus Soviet-style impeachment inquiry.

Which brings us to Ilhan Omar’s latest travesty on the House floor. 

“Omar was the only Democrat to vote against imposing sanctions against Turkey over air strikes against the Syrian Kurds, who have worked with U.S. forces in the fight against ISIS,” Daily Caller reports. 

She also refused to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide. “The Minnesota progressive received the blowback for her defense of a neutral vote she cast on a resolution to recognize the deaths of 1.5 million Armenians during Ottoman rule [Turkey] in 1915 as genocide,” Daily Caller adds.

Why would Ilhan Omar be protecting Turkey? Why is she the only House member to vote against sanctions on Turkey, and vote “present” refusing to acknowledge their role in the Armenian Genocide?

It’s quite simple. Ilhan Omar is all about the “Benjamins.” Her vote is for sale. 

The co-chairman of a Turkish-American advocacy group with close ties to Ankara contributed $1,500 last month to the campaign for Rep. Ilhan Omar. Omar and the activist, Halil Mutlu, were also photographed together at an event for the Turkish American Steering Committee.

This Turkish-American advocacy group has orchestrated a public relations push to cast doubt on whether the Ottoman Empire committed genocide against Armenians more than a century ago, and Omar gladly is helping them out.

Besides the money donated to Omar by Turkey, the Minnesota Congresswoman’s motivation for siding with the brutal Turkish regime also goes to the very heart of Omar’s sick beliefs.

If Omar’s concern was truly for the Palestinian people and her support for anti-Israel sanctions was truly humanitarian in origin, she would surely vote in favor of a bill to sanction Turkey because of their horrific actions against the Kurdish people.

But Omar’s concern clearly isn’t for human rights.

Omar claimed she didn’t vote to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide because she’s upset the “Native American genocide and the transatlantic slave trade” weren’t mentioned. We can’t make this stuff up.

Omar was quick to support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) campaign against Israel. She’s on the Congressional record supporting BDS, however, she can’t support sanctioning Turkey?

Well, that’s rich. Omar claimed that “it’s all about the Benjamins baby,” for those who support Israel. She was actually talking about her own anti-Semitism and how she is the one prostituting her votes as a member of Congress.

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