Omar & Tlaib Call For Americans ‘To Be Deported’ — Patriots Give Smackdown

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Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib were caught calling for Americans “to be deported.” The far-leftist Congresswomen were outraged over the president chastising their hatred of America and telling them “to go back and fix their own countries.” Now, they are being called “hypocrites” as patriots gave them both epic smackdowns. You’ll love this.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, President Donald Trump, and Rep. Ilhan Omar (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, Alex Wong/Getty Images, YouTube/Screenshot)

Last Sunday, President Donald Trump tweeted that Omar and three other far-left Democratic congresswomen in the so-called “Squad” should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came” and then “come back and show us how it is done.”

He did not call for them to be deported and later clarified that he meant simply that if they did not like the U.S., they should leave.

Some members of a large rally crowd in North Carolina chanted “Send her back,” in reference to Omar, during Trump’s speech there last Wednesday. The president disavowed it the next day.

But Omar has, in fact, called for an opponent to be deported. Her tweet, from 2012, was unearthed as a similar tweet from Rep. Rashida Tlaib — one of the other “Squad” members — surfaced, in which she also wants to “deport these unAmerican ISIS-like armed bikers.”

Omar’s tweet read: “we are citizens & can’t be deported, why don’t we deport you to where ever you came from.”

Omar was responding to a thread of comments on an article about how a mayor in Maine said that Somali immigrants to the community should “accept our culture and leave your culture at the door.”

During the course of the debate, Omar defended the right of Somalis not to assimilate: “Most people I know keep and maintain their culture,” she said, adding, “[d]on’t expect us to change either. We have as much right to be here as you.”

One of her interlocutors, who appears to be female and has a “protected” account, seems to have brought up deportation. Omar’s reference to deportation seems to have been a response.

Then we have Rep. Rashida Tlaib who tweeted she wanted to deport “armed bikers” who were at a protest. This was a protest over the Texas shooting where two Islamic extremists from Arizona attacked officers with gunfire at the entrance to an exhibit featuring cartoon images of Muhammad.

Tlaib sided with the Islamic extremists, tweeting: “Wallah someone deport these unAmerican ISIS-like armed bikers. #PHXmosque. Because #NotMyAmerica to allow them to intimidate fellow Americans.”

The protest was peaceful.  Nevertheless, Omar and Tlaib are guilty of the very thing they are accusing Trump of doing — and worse, since he specifically disagreed with calls for them to be sent “back” voluntarily.

Americans have had enough of Omar and Tlaib. They used their First Amendment rights to share their displeasure with the Freshmen Congresswomen.

“Where’s the outrage? where’s the liberal media? Where’s the house putting it in archives? The Hypocrites are as usual ignoring anything from one of their own,” tweeted Cynthia Kay Ingram.

@IlhanMN is a complete fake and a joke. She should enjoy her one term then can go back to sitting in the back of the Mosque and having to walk behind her partner and covering her face,” tweeted Jim Liberty.

@IlhanMN or rather Ilhan Nur Said Elmi, and her friend @RashidaTlaib are just a couple of activist for Iran and Somalia,” tweeted Rebekah Valentich.

“All lies smoke and mirrors and they get away with it because CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC selectively report, edit and even change the facts so that the truth is only what they want it to be, and the rest is Propaganda they intentionally spew at the American people to brainwash them,” tweeted Nagant Mosinn.

Rep. Ilhan Omar is facing ethic charges which were just filed by Judicial Watch over her alleged marriage to her brother. Rep. Rashida Tlaib has a long history of fringe activism. Neither of these Congresswomen was properly vetted before they got elected.

Omar and Tlaib hate this country. Therefore, common sense dictates they cannot take oaths to protect and defend this country. Hopefully, they both will be voted out in 2020.

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