Rep. Omar Claims Trump’s ‘Not Human’ After Sarah Sanders Lays Trap & Angers Her

Rep. Ilhan Omar continues to show her deep-seated hatred of America and the institutions she swore to represent. Totally frustrated and unable to function under pressure, the Minnesota Congresswoman lost her cool and said that Trump’s “not human.” That was after Sarah Huckabee Sanders laid a trap for the 37-year-old Democrat. You’ll love this.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders (left) Rep. Ilhan Omar (right) (Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images, YouTube/Screenshot)

Rep. Ilhan Omar is like watching a train wreck. The media can’t get enough of the shameful representative who can’t seem to stop herself from imploding. You’d think after she got a hard pass for her outlandish anti-Semitic remarks by Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues, she’d lay low for a while.

Well, Omar can’t stop making an utter fool out of herself. She got herself in a real pickle last Friday when she shoved Barack Obama under the bus. The freshman Democrat from Minnesota assailed Obama’s stance on immigration in an interview published Friday by Politico, telling the news outlet that his administration was responsible for the “caging of kids” along the US-Mexico border.

Immediately, the Democrats were traumatized. How dare this ignorant upstart from Minnesota who has been a disaster call out their “Chosen One.” Making matters worse for Omar, Trump tweeted about Jewish-Americans leaving the Democratic Party, all thanks to the Minnesota Congresswoman.

“Jewish people are leaving the Democratic Party. We saw a lot of anti-Israel policies start under the Obama Administration, and it got worse & worse. There is anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party. They don’t care about Israel or the Jewish people.’ Elizabeth Pipko, Jexodus,” tweeted Trump.

Then, there’s Sarah Sanders throwing salt into Omar’s wounds. Think about it. An entire new movement has started thanks to Omar’s anti-Semitic remarks she thought she had got away with. Instead, the “Jexodus” movement was born.

Sanders was asked about the president’s statements about Omar and the hatred of Jews the Democrats now own. “The President has had — and laid out clearly his position on this matter,” Sanders said. “Democrats have had a number of opportunities to condemn specific [anti-Semtic] comments and have refused to do that. That’s a question, frankly, I think you should ask Democrats what their position is [on Omar] since they’re unwilling to call this what it is, and call it out by name, and take actual action against members who have done things like this.”

Sarah Sanders comments must have really riled up the Minnesota Representative. Knowing she is under the gun for potentially destroying the Democrats chances in 2020, she was caught off guard by a Fox News reporter outside her congressional office, and she was furious.

Omar’s completely annoyed as the reporter hounds her for comments. When asked by the reporter whether she thought “Obama is the same as President Trump,” she loses her cool and blurts out, “Absolutely not. That is silly to even equate the two. One is human and one is really not.”

Omar is destroying the Democrats. If just a small percentage of Jewish-Americans switch allegiance and vote GOP in 2020, the result would be a disaster for Democrats who rely heavily on their vote. “On Tuesday, the Jewish Democratic Council of America posted on Facebook poll data from the last two presidential elections showing a decline in Jewish support for the Republican candidate,” reported the Times of Israel. 

Americans weighed in on Omar’s latest gaffe calling Trump not human. Twitter user “V” posted, “IlhanMN antisemite, radical islamic muslim, palestine & IS terrorists champion, your kind is not human at all and can´t even compare to a dog! If POTUS is not ‘human’ why are you still in America? Go back to Somalia! You are a taxpayer’s parasite!”

“@IlhanMN how can you say President Trump is not human? Is it because he is white? First you hate Jews. Now you dehumanize White people. What’s next? Genocide? I bet those that voted for you are waking up to the mistake,” tweeted Eric Wolfe.

“Feisty Floridian” let the Congresswoman have it, tweeting, “Ilhan Omar said President Trump ‘is not human.’ That’s not surprising coming from a Democrat. They don’t believe human babies are human either. #TuesdayThoughts.”

Rep. Omar is a real piece of work. She is singlehandedly alienating an entire group of voters the Democrats sorely need to hold on to if they want any chance at beating Trump in 2020. Sarah Sanders threw salt into Omar’s wounds and got her riled up by calling into question why the Democrats refused to censure such an anti-Semite within their own party.

The Minnesota Congresswoman is badly mistaken if she thought she got off scot-free. Instead, she just found out she’s in the big leagues and Sarah Sanders and President Trump just played her like a fiddle. Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts must be livid. Rep. Omar just might be the best thing that has happened to President Trump and the GOP in a long time.

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