Rep. Omar Petitions Trump To Release Muslim Brotherhood Leader, Gets Destroyed

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Rep. Ilhan Omar’s time in Congress is only getting wackier. The Minnesota Congresswoman has petitioned President Donald Trump for the release of a senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, who Omar describes only as a “political prisoner.” Well, this didn’t go the way the beleaguered Congresswoman was hoping for. In fact, she got destroyed. You don’t want to miss this.

Rep. Ilhan Omar and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Maybe we shouldn’t be shocked that Rep. Ilhan Omar was petitioning President Trump, who just defeated ISIS, to release one of the female leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. But this is just an example of how unhinged the 37-year-old Minnesota Representative can be.

Omar has an arrest record with the Minneapolis Police Department, who warned back in 2013 she “would continue her criminal behavior.” She intentionally misrepresented a member of the Muslim Brotherhood named Hoda Abd al-Moneim.

“I recently met with @jkbadawy and @thefreedomi to talk about Hoda Abdelmonem, a political prisoner in Egypt,” tweeted Omar. “I hope that Trump brings up her case in his meeting with the regime that has imprisoned her. We must work to #FreeHoda.”

“Egypt revealed on Thursday that it was holding the daughter of Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat al-Shater and five other people,” Reuters reported back in 2018. “Among the others whose detentions were revealed on Thursday along with Shater was Hoda Abd al-Moneim, a 60-year-old lawyer and Brotherhood member.”

According to the Guardian, there is a wing of the Muslim Brotherhood which is made up of female members. With the crackdown of the Muslim Brotherhood in Eygpt, the leaders turned to the female wing to carry out its dirty work. “If the last 11 months have been brutal for the Brotherhood, they have also been transformative for the women who have long operated in its shadow: the Muslim Sisterhood,” the Guardian reported.

“According to Hoda Abdel Moneim, a senior Muslim Sister, women have long been active in the Brotherhood,” the Guardian added in a report from 2015.  Yet, Rep. Omar says she should be freed with the president’s assistance because she is a “political prisoner.”

It seems that when Abdel Fattah al-Sisi became President of Eygpt in 2013 he refused to grant the Muslim Brotherhood any power. Since that time Brotherhood operatives like Hoda Abd al-Moneim have been working to overthrow him.

Now, we have Rep. Omar asking for Hoda Abd al-Moneim’s release. How crazy is this? Pretty darn crazy, and we aren’t the only ones finding the Minnesota Congresswoman anything but an American patriot.

“I know we aren’t supposed to question Ilhan Omar’s motives because that makes you Islamophobic in today’s simplistic political scene, but her actions continue to bewilder,” reports Red State.

“Since she’s taken office, she’s spent the vast majority of her time and political capital fighting for questionable interests,” Red State adds. “Whether it be her constant attacking of Israel, her fundraising for groups tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, or her shilling for Iran. In the same vein, what drives her to have such public outbursts antisemitism?”

Foreign Policy Expert Jordan Schachtel put Rep. Omar’s first allegiance to anti-American causes all in perspective by explaining the deep ties this so-called “political prisoner” Hoda Abd al-Moneim has to the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Abdelmonem remains an influential figure and a senior leader in the Islamist outfit, and the campaign for her release has been a top priority item for Muslim Brotherhood-aligned individuals, groups, and governments,” Schactel reports. “Muslim Brotherhood-tied media networks such as Middle East Eye, Middle East Monitor, and Al Jazeera have dedicated nonstop coverage to this issue, often falsely portraying the Islamist activist as a human rights advocate. Muslim Brotherhood-tied campaigners in the U.S. have continued a full-court press for Abdelmonem’s release.”

Well, one of those Muslim Brotherhood-tied campaigners appears to be Rep. Omar. We can only say “appears to be” since we cannot prove the Minnesota Congresswoman is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, but we can say she is definitely campaigning to get Hoda Abd al-Moneim a get out of jail for free card.

Americans were rightly livid and further destroyed the 37-year-old Somali leftist. “Omar, why would the American president help a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist get out of an Egyptian prison?” tweeted Jeffrey Lichtman. “So she can help kill Sisi [Eygptian president]? No one wants her freed but terrorists. And you. Why don’t you advocate for the journalists locked up in Turkey? Iran? Gaza?”

“The woman is a notorious Islamist who has made numerous anti-semitic and homophobic remarks including calls for violence and has advocated for the violent overthrow of the Egyptian government. Oh and has defended attacks on Coptic Christians,” tweeted “Scout.”

Omar’s lone tweet asking to free a Muslim Brotherhood leader may be the last straw in her extremely controversial career. She has attracted so much attention from the GOP that come election time the Congresswoman will be faced with a massive effort to unseat her. Rep. Omar took the oath to “protect and defend” the United States from “enemies foreign and domestic,” but she seems to have conveniently forgotten that part.

It’s inconceivable that she ended up in Congress on a lark. And it should be scary to every American that she sits on the powerful Foreign Affairs Committee where she has access to top-secret and highly classified documents. So, for all these reasons, it should be priority one for patriotic Minnesotans to do all they can to make sure her time in Congress comes to a screeching halt in 2020.

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