Ominous Viral Photo Sparks Online Debate: Demon, Angel, Or Something Else?

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Richard Christianson most likely didn’t know that simply posting a photo on Facebook would cause it to go viral. However, the image has done just that as it flung the online world into yet another debate about what is actually in this picture. Is it good or is it evil?

Many probably remember the viral photo of the dress and the questions surrounding it. Was it blue and black, or white and gold? Could this much more ominous image be the next social media sensation? Posted on Sunday, January 1, with the caption, “What the hell do you see in this picture for reals ??? Anybody,” was a menacing and creepy set of photos.

At first glance, the image captured in the photo looks like a large entity with wings standing taller than a nearby house.

What the hell do you see in this picture for reals ??? Anybody

Posted by Richard Christianson on Sunday, January 1, 2017

Many skeptics are already claiming it’s a palm tree with odd looking branches, making it appear to look like a demon. However, one commenter said, “I was gonna say a angel til i really looked @ the second pic. Scary.” Many have pointed out the appearance of horns on the demonic looking shadow’s head, and several noted the belief in not only the supernatural forces of good and evil but extraterrestrial possibilities as well. 

“Never seen a palm tree with wings. Not sure what it is but there are forces that works in this universe that’s not human. We’re not the only species in the universe. If you think we are something’s wrong with your thinking,” one commenter said.

Then there are those skeptics who think the person who has ownership of the viral image knows and that person won’t care to share the truth and simple explanation since the photo has now gone viral. One such commenter said, “Isn’t it amazing how ones eyes can play tricks on you. How ones mind can play tricks…we will never know if its a tree, a demon or simply photo shopped. Only the person who took the photo knows these answers and if they are going viral then they wouldn’t care right?”

The photos posted on Facebook that went viral thanks to an online debate about what is in these images.

Of course, some say it isn’t an evil entity at all, instead claiming it’s actually an angel, but those comments are definitely rare. “Definitely not an [earthly] being. Could very well be an angel. Possibly a falling angel…,” said one woman.

The vast majority of commenters on the original Facebook post are skeptics, claiming it’s a palm tree with funky shadows, or it’s photoshopped. It sure looks creepy and demonic, but without knowing the story behind this photograph, it is difficult to offer an informed opinion. What do you think is in this image? Angel? Demon? Trick photography? Or is it simply photoshopped well enough that no one can be certain? Share this with what you think was captured, and see if your social media friends agree.

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