Onlooker Spots Cop With Black Man, Floored When He Says 4 Simple Words

A woman from Pennsylvania stopped at Popeye’s to get some lunch when she noticed a cop talking to a black man at the counter. When she overheard what the cop was saying to the man, all it took was four simple words before she was left absolutely floored and felt the urge to do something.

Onlooker Spots Cop With Black Man, Floored When He Says 4 Simple Words
The cop and the black man (Source: Love What Matters)

Crystal Stanley Simms stopped at Popeye’s to order some food when she spotted an officer at the counter with a homeless black man. At first, she didn’t think anything of it, but she quickly realized that there was more going on between the two men than casual conversation.

When she got a little closer, it didn’t take long for her to overhear what the officer was up to – he was buying the homeless man some lunch, but more shocking then his actions were the 4 words she’d soon hear him say.

“We stopped at Popeyes for lunch after shopping and I saw the most amazing thing,” Crystal explained, according to Love What Matters. “The officer saw this guy sitting on the sidewalk and went and got him, took him in Popeyes and bought him lunch.”

However, what truly left her floored was when she overheard the officer say four simple words to the homeless man — “Anything you want, boss.

Onlooker Spots Cop With Black Man, Floored When He Says 4 Simple Words
Crystal Stanley Simms (Source: Facebook)

She felt the urge to tell the officer exactly how she felt about his kind deed. “I also went up to him and told him you are a wonderful officer with a big heart and he said, ‘I saw him sitting there and knew he was hungry I had too,'” she recalled.

Although people with the Black Lives Matter movement would like you to believe that all police are horrible people, that just isn’t true. Regardless of how people view police officers, this particular cop has a kind heart and possesses a characteristic displayed by many of our law enforcement officers, which others in society seem to lack — compassion.

I think more people in the world could learn from men like this, who prove that the world isn’t always as cruel as the media portrays it to be. Cops are the good guys. Most of them will do anything to protect and serve the citizens of their community, and for that, they deserve less hate and more appreciation.

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