Open Border Rallies Expose Their True Colors… This Is What They Think of Americans

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This weekend, brainwashed pawns marched across the country in support of open borders. The ridiculous protesters who support the destruction of our country revealed what they really think about our president, our citizens, and our way of life.

Among ridiculous calls to abolish ICE, open borders protesters exposed their true colors. (Photo Credit: Fibonacci Blue/Flickr, Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Is there anything more stupid than supporting open borders? Well, probably supporting gun control. We might never understand why liberals march for fewer rights. But those who gathered in cities this weekend to support illegal immigration really take the cake. You have to be totally stupid to support the eradication of a country’s borders.

But this is the Democratic Party today. The brain-dead followers of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and Chuck Schumer want to eliminate any immigration enforcement. They truly want anyone to waltz into our country, laws and national security be damned.

They are pretty much alone on this. Time and again, we discover that the vast majority of Americans hate illegal immigration. We’ve seen the damage it’s done to our country. Minorities are particularly hurt, thanks to cheap illegal labor taking away good jobs. The only people who support it are illegal aliens, Democrats, and the corrupt globalists who want a slave class.

That doesn’t stop the fake news from inflating the weekend’s marches as some kind of movement. Much like they did for all the pointless marches we’ve seen since Donald Trump was elected. When will the left learn that marches don’t accomplish anything? What did the “Women’s March” accomplish? Trump is still president. How about the “March for our Lives”? Very little has happened to erode our gun rights. Now, leftists are protesting immigration enforcement? Could you find a worse cause to fight for?

Naturally, the rhetoric at these marches proved what these un-American con artists truly think about us and our President.

Open borders protesters in Washington, DC, laid the defamatory slurs on thick in protest signs attacking President Trump, his administration, and Republicans as racists on the basis of separating minors from adults who illegally cross the U.S. southern border…

One sign depicted the President as Hitler with the words, “History has its eyes on you”…

“ICE Trump Republicans = Nazis,” read another sign held aloft in front of the White House…

More signs lambasted Trump and others as racists. Many signs suggested deporting “racists” and keeping illegal aliens in the United States…

The leftist Answer Coalition and National Nurses United had protesters waving signs. An Answer Coalition sign joined in the “racism” accusation chorus. [Source: Breitbart]

Wanting to protect our borders is now racist. I guess only Nazis care about national security, the safety of American families, and keeping wages high.

It’s really quite incredible to see what liberals will believe. The media pushes completely bogus lies about the President’s immigration policy. And they just take it as fact. They still accuse Trump of locking kids in cages and separating them from families. These same liberals didn’t say a word when Obama was doing much more to harm them.

This is all proof that the core of the liberal party is stupid, uninformed, and easily manipulated. They don’t look at the facts or believe anything that their overlords in the media don’t tell them. And it seems like they care more about illegal aliens than the many Americans who suffer, thanks to our flawed immigration system.

But here is the truth: protesting to support open borders is all about their ego. These (mostly white) protesters do this because it gives them a sense of superiority. They don’t really care about our borders. Most of these elitists live in Portland, Chicago, or New York. The problems at the Southern border are merely a fantasy to them. They don’t have to face the hardships of losing a job to illegal labor. They’ll never know what it’s like to lose a family member due to the unchecked violence of MS-13.

They call us Nazis and wave posters in the air because it makes them feel better. They’re doing this to help people they don’t even know. How charitable! How compassionate! They are truly the most perfect, wonderful people in the world!

And as our country continues to suffer, thanks to broken immigration policy, rampant illegal labor, and drug cartel violence, where will these protesters be? Sipping lattes in their Starbucks, safe from the fallout of their stupid marches.

But the vast majority of Americans see through them. And they refuse to march along. This is why the left will continue to lose.