Open Borders Feminist Demands More Refugees, Slapped With Nasty Surprise

An open borders activist might want to rethink her call for more refugees after she was on the receiving end of her own leftist agenda.
An open borders activist might want to rethink her call for more refugees after she was on the receiving end of her own leftist agenda.

An open borders activist and liberal feminist worked with a “Refugees Welcome” website, hoping to flood her community with more asylum seekers from Islamic countries. However, as the smug leftist went to bed that night feeling self-satisfied, she awoke to a nasty surprise, courtesy of her own liberal stupidity.

After foolishly ignoring the mass rape of hundreds of women and girls by Muslim migrants on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, a German liberal in the same city decided to put into practice her stance on open borders. Using a local website called “Refugees Welcome” to combat racism, the 20-year-old millennial feminist signed up to house one of the poor, war-torn asylum seekers, who she so fervently demanded be welcomed by all. Of course, it wasn’t long before her plans for multiculturalism were met with a brutal dose of reality.

The young woman welcomed in a 26-year-old Afghan migrant, who came to Germany two years ago and still relied on the support of taxpayers. Placing him in a spare bedroom of her apartment, the feminist believed her generosity had finally done some good and that she could rest peacefully. It was when she headed to bed that she realized her handouts weren’t enough to satisfy the entitled migrant.

Fria Tider reports that the woman awoke on October 25 to the Muslim refugee climbing on top of her and holding her down while he proceeded to rape her. Still in shock that the asylum seeker she’d sacrificed so much to help could repay her in such a way, she managed to break free and run to her brother’s room. Fortunately, the brother was able to deter the refugee until police arrived.

“Refugees are able to live in sound accommodation, learn the language faster, and adjust to a new environment more easily,” the site explains. “You, on the other hand, will get to know a different culture and help a person in a difficult situation.”

Of course, when confronted with the recent incident, brought about by their pairing of the woman with the Afghani rapist, the liberals in charge of the website excused the attack with a disturbing claim, according to The Daily Caller.

“This misbehavior does not, however, reflect the attitude of the vast majority of the refugees,” Refugees Welcome insisted on their website.

What the site is really saying is that most refugees won’t rape you, but you’ll never know if the one you’ve taken in is a rapist, pedophile, or murderer. In reality, they want you to reach into the bucket of snakes and hope you don’t accidentally grab a venomous viper.

Sadly, this is more common than the website and their leftist apologists would have us believe. In an attempt to remedy the mass rape and assault of European women by misogynistic male refugees, desperate progressives have resorted to trying to teach asylum seekers not to commit heinous crimes.

Mad World News reports that leftists in Belgium offered a course on “How to Treat Western Women” in an effort to help migrants understand that it’s not okay to grope, hit, or rape women and children. Of course, this lesson backfired when a 16-year old migrant brutally raped a 25-year-old caterer to his asylum center just two weeks after he completed the class.

In another failed attempt to snuff out misogyny in Islamic refugees, swimming pools across Europe began erecting signs displaying the proper behavior around women in bathing suits. With cartoons depicting migrants attempting to drown, fondle, and assault fellow swimmers, liberals assumed migrants would take notice. Unfortunately, sex attacks are on the rise in these public swimming holes, with children being the main target.

In an even more twisted venture towards blind tolerance and multiculturalism, Sweden and Norway have adopted measures to allow adult Muslim migrants to sleep with their child brides in asylum centers. Girls as young as 11 were tagging along with their much older husbands, and instead of rescuing these children from their pedophile abusers, Europe’s liberals kowtowed to the rapists.

Liberalism is just as depraved a cult as Islam, and the ramifications of such tolerance only further sacrifice our women and children to their agendas. While leftists truly believe they are doing good for the betterment of society, millions of Muslims are infiltrating the West with the hopes of wiping out the same liberal policies that support them.

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