Leftists Might Rethink Open Borders After Seeing What’s In Muslim’s Selfie

Leftists Might Rethink Open Borders After Seeing What's In Muslim's Selfie
We’re constantly told that the millions of Muslim asylum seekers we’re taking in are peaceful. However, one man’s selfie sums up everything wrong with this fantasy.

Leftists have tirelessly demanded that we open our borders to millions of asylum seekers, claiming that the multiculturalism they provide will better the U.S. However, bleeding-heart liberals might want to re-evaluate their agenda after seeing one Muslim man’s selfie.

Liberalism is such a powerful ideology that many of its adherents actually believe that extending tolerance and appeasement to the followers of the world’s deadliest theology is enough to have them abandon 1,400 years of religiously ingrained compulsions. Sadly, no amount of facts or reason can make die-hard leftists awaken to reality, but, hopefully, some will begin to realize that you cannot breed tolerance by capitulating to intolerance.

With one photo, an unnamed Muslim man is making headlines around the world. Disturbingly, his simple picture says a thousand words, embodying the very threat the refugee crisis and its Islamic correlation pose to the rest of the world.

The sinister image portrays a devout Muslim man lying with his infant child. The proud father has adorned his sleeping baby with a grenade-laced swaddling cloth in an attempt to showcase his pride and joy as a future jihadist.

Leftists Might Rethink Open Borders After Seeing What's In Muslim's Selfie
A “moderate” Muslim man, who is not a member of ISIS, strapped grenades to his newborn baby before posing for a selfie.

The Express reports that the man in the photo is no lone wolf terrorist, but merely a Muslim who supports the Sharia enforcement of the Islamic State. The ISIS fanatic was finally hunted down and arrested in Tunisia, a country from which many refugees are traveling.

The man is now claiming that the image was taken in 2012 and that the grenades strapped to his child were fake. Whether this is true or not makes little difference, as “moderate” Muslim across the globe have been doing the same for decades.

Leftists Might Rethink Open Borders After Seeing What's In Muslim's Selfie
None of these photos are of children whose parents are affiliated with ISIS. They are merely “moderate” Muslims who are teaching their children what the Quran commands.

Just like the man in the photo, Muslims are showing us that they not only believe in the Quran’s violent commands but that they’re also teaching their children to perpetuate this same barbarity. In Palestine, the left’s favorite example of oppression of Muslims, a popular children’s television show was teaching kids to “shoot Jews.”

Of course, this type of indoctrination is found in the Quran and hadith, as the Islamic prophet Muhammad taught the same barbarity. In order to instill aggression and fear in children, Muhammad ordered parents to beat their children when they pray.

Leftists Might Rethink Open Borders After Seeing What's In Muslim's Selfie
Palestinians are no different, as parents are often caught indoctrinating their children with anti-Semitism and violence.

Abu Dawood (459) and Ahmad (6650) narrated from ‘Amr ibn Shu’ayb from his father that his grandfather said: The Messenger of Allaah said: “Teach your children to pray when they are seven years old, and smack them if they do not pray when they are 10 years old, and separate them in their beds.”

This abuse is preparing Muslim children for the violence they will perpetuate once they are old enough to carry out the 109 violent verses of the Quran. After all, if you raise your children to be respectful and peaceful, don’t expect them to be ready to “kill the unbelievers wherever you find them” or “strike off their heads” later in life.

These parents are not radicalized Muslim extremists who are twisting the Quran’s meaning. They’re obeying their god’s commands just as their prophet showed them. Likewise, these are people from the same neighborhoods as the ceaseless flood of refugees coming to the West.

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