Posting Your Opinion On Social Media Could Have Police At Your Door

As crazy as it sounds, police are coming down on people for posting opinions on social media. One topic in particular is causing most of the backlash, as free speech is dying. Posting your opinion could cause the police to actually come to your door, harassing you for posting something they think is criminal.

Crazy and disturbing are the words to describe what is going on in certain places regarding posting thoughts on social media. The topics which are in dispute are “anti-Muslim rhetoric” posts, and that covers anyone posting on Facebook or Twitter. Right now, we are seeing the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Scotland come down on private citizens primarily posting on the Muslim migrants. The charge, according to police, is spreading “hate speech,” which could land you in jail.

Glasgow Police have threatened social media users, ordering them to be “kind” and not “hurtful” unless they want to “receive a visit… this weekend.”

Using the witty acronym ‘THINK’, and the hashtag #thinkbeforeyoupost, they cautioned people to consider whether something is true, hurtful, illegal, necessary, or kind before sending.

People are fighting back after the arrest of  a 41-year-old man who posted against Muslim migrants invading his little Isle of Bute in the Firth of Clyde, which has a total population of just 6,498 and is going to take in around 1,000 Syrian migrants. Sounds like the 41-year-old man was thinking clearly, not promoting hate speech. Is it wrong to want to protect your homeland?

Many Americans know of this firsthand. Anyone posting on Muslims terrorism has probably been censored or shut down completely by Facebook. It’s okay to post anything about Christians, but don’t you dare post about not wanting Muslims from Syria in your country.

In this politically correct world, if Barack Obama gets his way and America takes in the Muslim migrants, some police agencies may come knocking on your door, if you publicly disagree with King Obama. Instead of not posting on the Muslim migrant crisis, we should post as often as we want and not give in to these creepy leftist hellbent on silencing our free speech.

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