Oregon Candidate Says Melania’s ‘Hoe-Bag & Works Hourly,’ Cop Shuts His Mouth

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Mark Roberts is running for the second Congressional district in Oregon, and he is a rabid hater of President Donald Trump. He just called Melania Trump a “hoe-bag” who “works hourly” and also posted his disgusting comments on social media, refusing to take them down. Well, Roberts comments pissed off many Trump supporters, including one cop who just shut his mouth. Don’t miss this.

Oregon Congressional Candidate Mark Roberts (left) First Lady Melania Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Mark Roberts/Instagram, Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Mark Roberts is desperate to get the leftist losers behind his campaign, and he decided the best way to do that was to insult our first lady. Roberts is a freak, plain and simple. His social media posts read like a middle-aged man stuck in their mom’s basement dying for attention.

He is running as an independent, but he is a global warming nutjob, who pushes buying Vicodin at Walgreens where you can “get it cheaper.” He garnered a whopping 3,441 votes in the primary, but since there were no other independents running, he moves on to the General Election in November.

We took a look at his website, and here’s what he wrote on his “bio” page: “In the late 80’s I was on ‘The Dating Game’ as one of the three bachelors. I didn’t get picked but I got some good answers in. I sent in an audition tape for ‘Full Metal Jacket’ and was called back for an audition but wasn’t picked and wasn’t sure what character if any I was being auditioned for.”

Roberts adds, “I’m an expert Windsurfer. Sometimes you can catch me at different lakes or even The Gorge. I can ride the bumps but don’t expect acrobatics, my body is too beat up. This summer I’ll be busy so I probably won’t get out much.”

This guy is a real loony tune. Roberts also loves David Hogg and California Gov. Jerry Brown, too. Which brings us to his 15-minutes of fame.

The Daily Caller reports, “Roberts, who is running as an independent for the second Congressional district, responded to a tweet from Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk and decided to bash the first lady.”

They add, “Kirk’s pointed out major differences between Melania’s White House staff and the staff of former first lady Michelle Obama and said the Trumps are getting by with a much smaller team. Kirk claimed Obama had 44 staffers working for her, while Melania only has five.”

Well, for some reason, that fact set off this idiot in Oregon, Roberts, who launched a sick attack on Melania. Roberts responded by asking Kirk if he knew the first lady “works by the hour,” and then he places hashtags on the words, “thinkdirty” and “hoebag.”

Immediately, Fox News host Laura Ingraham blasted Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, tweeting, ” Why has @jack not taken this tweet down and suspended the account?”

Twitchy backed up Ingraham, reporting, “We’ve spent weeks now reading about how Jack and his merry team of censor-harpies aren’t shadow banning conservatives or what have you, and this jagoff is not only verified but his tweet remains intact and he’s not been suspended. You’d think to call the First Lady a hooker would somehow violate TOS, especially as an insult to women in general, but nope.”

Never fear, the American people have a way of weeding out these scumbags, and that’s exactly what happened to Mark Roberts. After patriots descended on his Twitter feed hammering him into tomorrow, one retired police officer scared the living daylights out of him.

This tweet made this scumbag, Roberts, all jumpy. In fact, this retired law enforcement officer seemed to hit the nail on the head. Roberts’ reaction implies he has a shady past with the law that he doesn’t want anyone knowing about. He quickly panicked.

Ouch, that response from Roberts shows he’s scared, so what is he hiding? Our retired cop wasn’t done with this nutjob. He shut the loser’s mouth for good.

After being glued to his Twitter account for hours, doubling down and posting additional sick tweets about FLOTUS, Mark Roberts went silent. He took down his additional sick tweets and just shut his mouth. He is running scared, there is no doubt about that, so stay tuned. We are sure his shady past is about to come out.

Trump-haters beware, it never pays off to piss off American patriots. Mark Roberts can now go back to mommy’s basement waiting in anxiety for his sick secrets to be exposed.

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