Oscar Nominee’s STUNNING Admission About ‘Forced Diversity’ Has Left TICKED

Oscar Nominee’s STUNNING Admission About ‘Forced Diversity’ Has Left TICKED

Everyone seems to have an opinion over the Oscars not nominating any black people this year, but one nominee is sure to ruffle some feathers with her comments on the matter. She weighed in on what “forced diversity” really is, and there’s not going to be a single progressive that will like what she had to say.

As Jada Pinkett-Smith, her husband Will Smith, Spike Lee, and a myriad of other “celebrities” vow to boycott this year’s Academy Awards, Charlotte Rampling has a completely different take on it all, reports the Daily Caller. Rampling, like so many others, sees the inherent racism in what black celebrities are demanding – forced diversity – and she actually believes that it’s reverse discrimination against white people, because it is.

It’s racist to whites,” Rampling said Friday during an interview on the radio. “One can never really know, but perhaps the black actors did not deserve to make the final list.”

That thought hasn’t seemed to cross the small minds of those outraged over the lack of black actors and actresses this year, even though historically, blacks have been well represented. Rampling, who’s nominated for Best Actress for her role in 45 Years, also said that in no way should racial quotas be instituted to appease the overly sensitive whiners who’ve made millions off the very people they despise.

“Why classify people? These days everyone is more or less accepted,” she added.

She’s right too. I know I speak for millions of people when I say the race of an actor doesn’t matter, it’s how well they play the role. But alas, in today’s times of social justice and “fairness for all,” we’re forced to consider race in just about everything we do.

“People will always say, ‘Him, he’s not as handsome,’ or ‘Him, he’s too black,’ or ‘He’s too white,’” she said. “But does that necessarily mean there should be lots of minorities everywhere? What does it mean that [black actors] still think they are a minority?”

Movies have become more diverse than they’ve ever been. In fact, a black man was cast as a main character in the new Star Wars movie as a Storm Trooper, which was a first for the epic film series. That’s just one example out of many too, since more and more people from every ethnic background take the plunge and try to make it big in Hollywood.

As far as what Rampling had to say – she’s dead on. The social justice warriors seem to believe that in order to lift one group up, another must be torn down, which is exactly what racial quotas and other such things do.

So, kudos to her for speaking out, especially in a time when doing so can cost people their careers. Perhaps if more people like her were to bring sanity to the conversation, we could put this racism crap to bed once and for all.