OSU Student Leaks Unbelievable Thing Military Classmates Did During Attack

OSU Student Leaks Unbelievable Thing Military Classmates Did During Attack
While most students stacked chairs against the doors and huddled together in a corner, military classmates took a much different approach during Monday morning’s Ohio State University attack.

America is reeling as details of an apparent Islamic terrorist attack at the Ohio State University campus are still breaking. However, while everyone is trying to figure out who the attacker is and if they were affiliated with ISIS, one student shocked the nation when she revealed what the military members in her classroom did as soon as the killing began.

When a terrorist attack occurs, most people are running for their lives. Every now and then, a few brave souls are lauded for their efforts to help injured victims out of harm’s way. However, it’s a rarity to find someone who will not only stand and face our enemies but also put themselves in between innocent civilians they don’t even know and the deadly threat. That’s just what a female student witnessed when all hell broke loose at the college campus.

OSU student Molly Clarke immediately took to social media when she saw the military classmates jump to their feet and rush to guard the doors in case the terrorist decided to target students in their room, according to the Independent Journal Review. Their training instantly kicked in and the heroic servicemen quickly secured the area, relying on the only weapons the gun-free campus would allow them to use — their own bodies.

“We have quite a few military men in our class, who are actually all standing by the doors, keeping us safe,” OSU student Molly Clarke said. “I’m feeling pretty good about that.”

According to Clarke, the soldiers were prepared to risk life and limb to protect their peers even though they had no idea what threat might barrel through the door at any moment. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported in the classroom.

“He pulled a large knife and started chasing people around, trying to attack them,” Student Jacob Bower, 20, told CNN. “Luckily there were so many people, he couldn’t focus on one target. I didn’t see anyone get stabbed, but I saw the police officer take down the stabber. He waited ’til everyone was clear, and the stabber clearly wasn’t stopping. (It) took three shots to take him down. (The) stabber had a crazy look in his eyes.”

Media are now reporting that the attacker is believed to be a 20-year-old Somali refugee named Mohammad Ali, as the vehicle used in the attack is registered to him. The suspect first plowed into pedestrians on campus with the car and then proceeded to slash and hack at others with a butcher knife.

OSU Student Leaks Unbelievable Thing Military Classmates Did During Attack
The suspect is believed to be 20-year-old Mohammad Ali, a Somali refugee to the U.S.

Ali is a legal permanent U.S. resident who fled Somalia and entered the country as an approved asylum seeker. Somalia is ranked as one of the world’s most dangerous countries, coming in just after Syria, South Sudan, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The Sharia nation also boasts a 99.8-percent Muslim population, which accounts for the country’s many deadly terrorist attacks, political oppression, and barbaric religious practices.

Leftist media initially jumped the gun to report that the attacker was a “shooter,” and quickly resorted to using the premature reports as a call for gun control. However, they were undoubtedly disappointed to find that not only did the suspect use everyday objects to maim his victims but that he is also one of the millions of Muslim refugees for which the left demands we open our borders.

Luckily, the suspect was stopped by “good guys with guns.” Sadly, some of the injuries likely could’ve been prevented if students were allowed to carry on campus. After all, armed officers can’t be everywhere at once. Of course, these “gun-free zone” signs wouldn’t have hindered the suspect in the least if he decided he wanted to brandish a firearm.

We have brave men and women who are expected to serve and possibly die for our country, but they can’t have proper means of defense because of emotionally-driven leftists. These soldiers are trusted to defend our freedoms, but liberals don’t want them, or anyone else, to defend themselves.

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