VIDEO: Outraged Biker Takes Action After Seeing Horrendous Roadside Beating

Riding along Highway 171 in Texas, Harley biker Brandon Turnbow spotted a horrible beating taking place on the roadside. Watching through his rearview mirror, the biker knew that he could not keep going without taking action. Turning around, the outraged biker made sure that the abusing scumbag got the message, and now, the biker has a very grateful friend for life.

From the outside, Brandon Turnbow looks like a rough-and-tumble biker, but the man from Burleson, Texas showed the world that you simply cannot judge a book by its cover. Brandon was riding down the highway when something in his rearview mirror caught his eye. Turnbow saw a man heavily beating a small brown and white puppy. After beating the puppy, the scumbag then threw the dog in the air, and the sweet defenseless animal landed on the side on the road.

Brandon Turnbow recalled the ordeal in a Facebook post, featuring an image of his newly found friend. He said, “Was riding out to meet dad this morning and saw a vehicle pulled over on 171 with a worthless piece of crap beating an innocent little white dog. I watched in my rearview and saw this guy throw the dog into the air curbside and drive off. I went after the guy just to give him a number one sign. And I now have a Copilot- Meet Mr. DAVIDSON.”

Biker Brandon Turnbow with his new best buddy, Mr. Davidson

Brandon Turnbow officially adopted Mr. Davidson, and the experience inspired him to start a non-profit, called Baaang Bikers Against Animal Abuse National Global. “You’ll never have to worry again in your life, ’bout getting kicked down and thrown to the side,” Brandon added. “We’ll always have fun and go riding in the sun, Mr. Davidson.”

That’s right — Brandon plucked up his new co-pilot right there on the spot, saving his life and giving him a second chance. Mr. Davidson rode on Brandon’s beloved Harley for the rest of the day and absolutely loved the wind whipping in his face and the feeling of the open road. He was finally safe.

When Brandon isn’t riding his motorcycle, he’s singing and writing songs. In fact, rescuing Mr. Davidson inspired him to write a song about his new best friend… and now his original song and music video are going viral. (Source: Little Things)

Brandon Turnbow relaxes with his rescue dog, Mr. Davidson

In his spare time, besides riding his Harley with Mr. Davidson, Brandon Turnbow is an aspiring singer and songwriter. Inspired by his rescue experience, he made an original music video which is going viral.

Life is good for Brandon Turnbow and his new best friend. Luckily, Mr. Davidson has another companion, named Harley, a dog that he has had for some time. Harley and Mr. Davidson are two very fortunate dogs to have this kind-hearted man in their lives.

So many people drive down a busy highway with tunnel vision, oblivious to their surroundings and only focusing on themselves. This story should inspire us all to keep our eyes open. You never know when someone might need your help, and taking action to combat evil might just land you a very special new friend.

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