Parents Walk In On Sick Anal Incident On School Bus, Now 4 Are In Jail

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When a couple of Oklahoma parents arrived at their son’s high school to pick him up after an away wrestling tournament, he wasn’t with the rest of the team. As they headed toward the school bus in search of their son, they heard noises in the parking lot. That’s when they walked in on a disturbing scene.

Parents Walk In On Sick Anal Incident On School Bus, Now 4 Are In Jail
Norman High School in Norman, OK

Four junior varsity high school wrestlers have now been arrested after what the parents said happened to their 12-year-old son in an isolated area outside of the school. That sickening discovery quickly led to much more than they could stomach when a disturbing incident came to light that had happened on the school bus while coming back from the match that took place in Pauls Valley. The supervisors aboard made it worse by what they did, while rape was purportedly taking place right under their noses.

According to, 18-year-old Tanner Shane Shipman, 17-year-old Sage Griffen Gandenberger, 16-year-old Chase Denton Smith, and 17-year-old Hunter Oren Matthews were all involved in committing “multiple acts of sexual assault” on two boys who were 16-years-old and 12-years-old. What they started on the bus, they finished in the parking lot. As the younger of the two victims tried to escape, they tracked him down, raping him in the rear with their fingers until the victim’s parents found them, Rare reported.

The 16-year-old boy was sexually assaulted by the four wrestlers while the bus was traveling back to the school, as they held his mouth shut and assaulted both his anus and crotch. The attack on the 12-year-old didn’t take place until closer to the end of the trip. After the bus had parked, he managed to get off and run.

Police reported the 16-year-old high school wrestler was sexually assaulted first on the bus and then the 12-year-old middle school wrestler. Police reported the 12-year-old was sexually assaulted again after the bus arrived at Norman North High School.

During the sexual assault in a secluded area outside the school, the 12-year-old escaped but was tackled and forced between two parked vehicles, police reported. His attackers then “attempt to do all of this again,” a police detective wrote in a court affidavit. [Source:]

Surveillance video in the vehicle captured the brutally perverse assaults, but it should have been stopped by coaches sitting nearby long before the footage had to prove what happened. The supervisors either heard and dismissed it, or they were blissfully unaware, refusing to take control of the kids on the bus.

Now, the teens have been suspended from school and charged with rape by instrumentation, facing their first day in court on Tuesday. The coaches who were there are getting treated pretty well for their foul part. No charges have been imposed on them for doing nothing, and the worst they have received is a termination for one and suspension for the other.

The parents of these four teens also need to be investigated to see what kind of environment these heathens came from, which may have contributed to them committing such a heinous crime on their peers. It’s deplorable and unacceptable that something this horrific can happen on public school property, with supervisors just a few feet away.