Parents Disgusted After Discovering What CA Teacher Tricked Kids Into Putting In Mouths

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Sending your kids off to school is supposed to be a good feeling, as we expect a level of responsibility from the administration and teachers that will protect our children as they learn. Parents don’t send their kids off to school expecting them to be victimized, but that’s exactly what happened in one California School District as disgusted parents discovered what a teacher tricked their kids into putting in their mouths.

Fountain Valley School District Superintendent Mark Johnson (left) informed parents their children’s flute projects (right) had been contaminated with bodily fluid (Photo Credit: Linkedin, Screengrab/NBC News)

A California teacher, who remains unnamed due to an ongoing investigation, was participating in a good cause with students until he had turned the situation from heartwarming to disgusting. Thirteen school districts in the state of California joined an international program aimed at providing needy schoolchildren with instruments. Flutes are given to the students to design and are colorfully decorated, painted by students all over Southern California through a program called “Flutes Across the World,” but it was recently brought to the attention of the parents that they were contaminated.

The disturbed teacher has been arrested for inappropriate sexual conduct after putting his semen on the instruments and giving them to students. Several school districts alerted parents that the California Department of Justice and the U.S. Postal Service launched an investigation, and they were instructed to turn in the flutes to authorities.

Parents are obviously irate and disgusted after finding out what has been going on at their children’s school, but they were even more disturbed when they found out how long this gut-churning act has been going on. The crimes occurred over a period of years and as far back as 2012.  According to NBC News, head of the Fountain Valley School District in Southern California, Superintendent Mark Johnson, wrote in a statement to parents that their children’s flutes might have potentially been “contaminated with bodily fluids” and urged parents to turn the instruments over to police.

After reading the alarming notification, parents started reaching out and sharing their disgust. “It made me sick to my stomach,” one parent said while another added, “I think there’s something really sick going on here,” and yet another Fountain Valley parent explained, “It’s disgusting, it’s unreal, you can’t even really fathom it.” Other schools in the district reached out to parents in a letter in hopes of easing minds, but there is no simple way to get a parent over a situation as vile and disturbing as this one.

We were notified late by the California Department of Justice of an active investigation involving an individual who provided music enrichment at schools in numerous districts throughout Southern California, including Culver City Unified School District.

As part of this program, students may have received a flute made of PVC plastic piping and a single wine cork that they could decorate.

On Friday, September 29, 2017, we further consulted with law enforcement and were advised that these flutes may have been potentially contaminated with bodily fluids.

In an abundance of caution, we contacted the CCUSD families whose children possibly participated in that specific music enrichment program and requested that they remove the flutes and place them in a sealed paper bag for collection as evidence. [Source: Daily Mail]

The teacher who contaminated the flutes with his semen has now been arrested and is facing numerous charges. Parents have made it clear that they won’t stop until justice is served in full to the dirtbag who put their kids in this situation, violating their innocence.

These parents have every right to be outraged and demand action from the administration and law enforcement. This disturbing behavior was completely unacceptable for a trained professional, and it now worries parents to send their kids back to school. Who knows where else this deviant distributed his semen to fulfill whatever twisted fantasy exists in his warped mind.