Parents Outraged To See What Government Has Refugees Doing With Children

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Govt Hires Unvetted Migrants To Walk Kids To School, Finds Horrible Results
Pictured: Children walking to school with strangers

In a plan that’s angering many parents, politicians intend to promote “diversity” by giving unvetted refugees access to innocent children. What the government has them doing with other people’s kids is a rightful reason for concern.

The controversial plan is being implemented in the northern Italian town of Arcore, where unvetted foreigners, “pending the approval of refugee status,” will be walking other people’s children to school. “It will be an opportunity for our younger students to get in touch with the concepts of welcome and humanity. Diversity — of origin, status, and condition — is an asset and also an opportunity for personal growth,” Arcore Mayor mayor Rosalba Colombo said.

Shockingly, a group called Active Parenting Arcore supports the plan and placed posters around the town to draw support. The posters read, “All the world’s children play, study, eat, and live together. They do not know the meaning of ‘different’ or ‘stranger’!!!”

Luckily, not everyone has lost their mind, and as expected, opposition to the plan is growing daily. One councilor, Cristiano Puglisi from the Forza Italia party, labeled the initiative as “irresponsible and ideologically motivated” … “for the simple fact that no parent would want to hand custody of their children to a stranger,” Cristiano explained.

Earlier this week, motions were filed that would require the vetting of migrants’ criminal histories. The motion says the plan to have asylum seekers interact with children is “not only questionable but also has several illegalities.”

Liberals insist that there is still much enthusiasm surrounding the plan and say that the city of Arcore “has always shown solidarity and hospitality.” They also note that parents are able to accompany groups walking to school.

Is this bizarre liberal mentality and the dangers it poses soon to become part of American culture? After years of pandering and political double-speak, liberal American politicians have labeled President Donald Trump a “racist” and a “bigot” for insisting that we crack down on the flood of unvetted refugees, as well as illegal immigration as we build a wall along the southern border.

Donald Trump is likely to succeed, as stories of both refugees and illegals committing crimes are becoming increasingly prevalent. The more that people learn about those crimes and atrocities, the more that we, as Americans, are likely to avoid the mistakes of liberals in Europe. For the sake of our children, we had better.