Parents Horrified After Students Recorded SICK Thing Teacher Did In Classroom

A shocking video has emerged out of St. John, Indiana, where parents were horrified after students recorded the sick thing their teacher was doing in the classroom when she didn’t think anyone was watching. Now, the clip has gone viral, and the disturbing act is sending one demented teacher to jail, and rightfully so.

Screenshot of Samantha Cox in the classroom (background), Samantha Cox mugshot (inset) (Photo Credits: YouTube/CBS Chicago, Lake County Sheriff)

According to local news source WNDU, students at Lake Central High School carried out a little spying operation on one of their teachers who was doing a little more than banging erasers together after the classroom was empty. Police arrested 24-year-old Samantha Cox, an English teacher, after receiving a call from the school’s principal to report video footage of Cox snorting cocaine in her classroom.

Cox was arrested on Wednesday, November 22, 2017, and charged with possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. Kasia Firlej, a parent who was shocked by what happened, said, “It’s absolutely, I can’t’ really describe it. It’s just atrocious.”

I would have to agree with this parent. When you send your kid to school, hoping that they will receive something resembling an education from our liberal run education system, and they come home telling you that their teacher is snorting lines of cocaine in the classroom, it is “atrocious.”

Every week there are reports of teachers having sex with students, and now, this shocking video footage surfaced showing one of them doing drugs in the classroom. It is truly indicative of the depths to which our education system has fallen.

The video of Cox blew up on social media as more and more parents became outraged over the matter. Cox can be seen sitting in the corner of the classroom using narcotics and apparently not very fearful of being interrupted, according to the video which was also uploaded to Crave Online.

It would appear that Cox discovered that her liberal belief in “no absolutes” of what is wrong or right has gotten her into some serious trouble. Police in St. John arrested the druggie teacher and hauled her off in handcuffs in front of faculty and students. This is a perfect example for all of the students at that high school to see first hand that there are real consequences for criminal behavior despite what their liberal mentors tell them.

Lake Central superintendent Dr. Larry Verraco sent out a recorded message to the parents and community on Wednesday afternoon which stated, “Earlier today, Lake Central administration was made aware of a situation regarding a teacher at Lake Central High School.” Dr.Verraco’s message added, “Swift and forceful action was taken in conjunction with St. John and Dyer police departments. The safety of all students remains the top priority of our school staff and a full investigation is ongoing.”

I think perhaps it’s time for Verraco to start drug testing his staff on a regular basis. This could not have been the first time that Cox was playing with nose candy in the classroom. It was simply the first time she got caught on video, but thank goodness, she was finally busted. In addition to Cox’s use of illegal drugs in the classroom, there is a possibility that she was sharing them with students, which would be my first concern if I were a parent of any kid at that high school.

The students who recorded Cox deserve a big pat on the back for turning her into the principal. They used the resources available to them to get rid of a trashy individual who was hired by their school to teach. Cox is a perfect example of why people say you can’t fix stupid, and now, she’s going to have ample time behind bars to think about her decisions.

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