Parents Make Gruesome Find In Teen’s Room After Muslim Targeted Her

A 13-year-old girl was excited about her dance recital Wednesday night, and her parents were so proud, watching her perform. That all turned into a nightmare Thursday morning when her parents discovered a gruesome scene in her bedroom. Now, they are grief stricken as they learn why and how a psychopath targeted their innocent daughter.

Hallel-Yaffa Ariel (left), bloody bedroom (right)

Hallel-Yaffa Ariel was in the safest place a child could be, in her bed sleeping, but a sick Muslim thug broke into her room and stabbed her in a frenzy. Her parents thought she was sleeping in late after her exhausting dance recital the night before until they discovered the bloody scene. Hallel was dead at the hands of an Islamic thug, another senseless murder over the sick beliefs of Islam.

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Her father spoke out, making it very clear that the blame lies with the Islamic ideology:

“Last night she came back from a dance recital. She was an amazing girl. She worked very hard for years to become a dancer. She put so much effort into every thing she did. God gave her a great mind, lots of wisdom. She was so bright.

“Hallel never imagined – nor did anyone else – that an evil person, one of 1.5 billion Muslims, who just want to drown the world in rivers of blood. That’s what they live for, it’s terrible, just think about it. A little girl who did nothing [to them.]” [via Youtube video]

Her scumbag killer, seventeen-year-old Muhammad Tararia, had scaled a fence enclosing the Israeli city of Kiryat Arba, looking to murder as many Jews as he could. The first house he came upon was the Ariel household, and he intended to terrorize them. Little did he know, the security system alerted the neighborhood security team. Although it was too late for Hallel, he was stopped dead before he could harm anyone else.

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An unidentified 31-year-old man found Tararia, and after a scuffle in which the man was stabbed several times, the thug was shot dead. The man was airlifted to a trauma center, where he is in serious condition.

Hallel’s mom weeps over her casket Thursday afternoon (left) Muhammad Tararia (right)

Unlike our inept leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to hold an emergency meeting with his defense minister. He said, “This horrific murder of an innocent girl sleeping in her bed illustrates the lust for murder and the inhumanity of terrorists steeped in incitement.”

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These sick Muslim jihadists are in overdrive this last week of their Ramadan holiday, and we should all be on high alert. The murder of this innocent girl in her bed is a chilling reminder that we are all at risk. Americans are targeted and hated as much as Jews by Islamic terrorists, and until our leaders realize the reality that we must defeat them, we are not safe, even in our own beds at night.

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