SEE IT: Parents Get Ultrasound Of Twins, Shocked By What Else It Caught

SEE IT: Parents Get Ultrasound Of Twins, Shocked By What Else It Caught
Carissa Gill and her boyfriend Randy (left), stock photo of twins during an ultrasound (right)

Two expecting parents from Pennsylvania were thrilled to be going for an ultrasound to discover the gender of their unborn twins. However, during the appointment, they were left shocked by what else was caught in the image, and it was so rare that you have to see it for yourself.

Carissa Gill and her boyfriend Randy are currently 25 weeks pregnant with a set of twins. When the young couple went for a 3D ultrasound at Fetal Vision Imaging to reveal the gender of their babies, they never could have expected what the image would catch the twins doing. It appeared as if the siblings were kissing.

SEE IT: Parents Get Ultrasound Of Twins, Shocked By What Else It Caught
The “kissing twins” photo (Image Source: The Sun)

The couple, who now know they are having two identical twin girls who they will name Isabella and Callie, were watching the screen when they suddenly saw the unborn children appearing to kiss one another. “I would love to share this story with the world,” Carissa said, according to Fox 29. “Pregnancy is a beautiful thing to capture, especially when you get to see moments like this.”

Anyone who has been blessed with a child knows that capturing the baby doing anything other than wiggling is unusual, but seeing your twins appear to kiss one another inside the womb is even more highly unlikely. Carissa and Randy’s twins have shown the unbreakable bond between twins from inside the womb, and the world was blessed to see it, thanks to technology.

“It was hard not to be so thankful during this moment,” Carissa explained, according to The Sun. “I am legit so blessed and can’t wait to meet our two precious princesses.”

She couldn’t be any more right. Pregnancy is a time when most expecting parents couldn’t feel any more blessed for what God has given them, and twins are twice the blessing. Seeing your children snuggling and kissing in the womb has to be the greatest gift these parents could receive before birth.

Now, it’s only a matter of time before these babies make their grand entrance into the world and not only show their family how strong their bond will grow but they will also learn just how deep a parent’s love goes for their children.

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