Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv Destroys Gun Grabber Piers Morgan In Epic Smackdown

British media personality, and former CNN anchor, Piers Morgan was taken to school by Parkland high school student Kyle Kashuv. Morgan, who is a strong anti-gun advocate, was complaining about the fact that London now has a higher murder rate than New York City, and Kashuv couldn’t help but point out the blatant irony.

Kyle Kashuv and Piers Morgan (Photo Credit: Screenshots)

On Easter Sunday, Morgan tweeted an article about the increase in knife attacks to London’s Mayor Sadiq Kahn, asking him what he was going to do about it. Morgan was apparently blind to the folly of his own critique as England has all but banned gun ownership for citizens, yet the murder rate has continued to spike.

“Very disturbing. This is happening on YOUR watch, Mr Mayor @SadiqKhan – what are you going to do about it?” Morgan asked. Mayor Kahn did not respond, but Kashuv did.

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“But Piers, gun control totally worked and made everyone safer! (It didn’t because criminals bought knives),” Kashuv said, mocking the Daily Mail editor.

“Kyle, why did America ban automatic weapons if it’s only about the people not the guns?” Morgan fired back. But that response was a major mistake on Morgan’s part because it opened the door for the 17-year-old pro-gun rights advocate to school him.

“Machine guns are banned because we are allowed to balance the risks of members of the general public having access to rare weapons with extreme capacity to do damage. But the AR-15 doesn’t fall into that category because it is owned by tens of millions of Americans, and has not done nearly as much damage as handguns,” he said.

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“And the reason why the ban ‘worked’ is because people don’t use them because they’re expensive, unwieldy, and ineffective. If someone tried a mass shooting with a machine gun it would not be effective. You’d use about ten rounds per person and run out within seconds,” he said. “At the Bataclan, ISIS switched to semi.”

“Also, I am aware that machine guns aren’t fully banned – they’re just heavily regulated. My point of this thread was to show that even in @piersmorgan’s proposed scenario his comparison is irrelevant,” he said.

Note to Piers Morgan, taking on this kid is going to require more than your ad hominems and platitudes because he knows what he is talking about. The point he is making is being proven in real time.

A report by The Independent showed that there were 15 murders in London in February committed with knives. In that same time frame, only 14 people were murdered in New York City.

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Kyle Kashuv’s point was that you can ban guns and you can even ban knives, as some in England have suggested, to give yourself a false sense of security. However, you cannot legislate the evil out of the hearts of people.

Be it a gun, a knife, a truck or a bomb, people who want to commit murder will find a way to do so regardless of any laws that are created. After all, Cain murdered Abel with a rock.