Passengers Get Ready To Exit Plane, Scream In Fear After Seeing What’s Outside

Traveling by plane can be a pain in the neck. Getting to the airport is a hassle. Security takes so long. Getting on the plane and finding your seat is a chore. Perhaps the worst is waiting to get off the plane after a long flight. For one flight, that moment became much worse as they looked out their windows. What happened outside had them screaming in fear.

Passengers in a Toronto airport were horrified by what happened outside their window (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

The passengers had just arrived at the Toronto airport from Cancun, Mexico. It was a long flight. For many, it was the end of a vacation. They were tired and ready to settle in at home for the new year. As the plane landed and taxied to the terminal, they were hoping to smoothly disembark and make their way safely home. They did not expect to be a part of a terrifying ordeal.

As they waited for their turn to exit, something horrible happened right outside their window. There was a crash. A neighboring plane exploded into flames. The rear of the plane was engulfed in fire. The passengers were trapped in their own plane, unable to flee, should the fire spread. The entire ordeal was captured on video.

A plane full of travelers at Toronto Pearson International Airport in Canada was forced to evacuate on emergency slides Friday evening after the aircraft next to them burst into flames.

A video of the collision shows the moment a WestJet Boeing 737 with 168 passengers on board hit an empty Sunwing aircraft, causing the Sunwing jet to catch fire.

Terrified WestJet passengers could be heard screaming in the video, as what appeared to be a fireball erupted from the other aircraft’s wing.

Flight attendants eventually evacuated the passengers, who had just landed at the airport after flying in from Cancun, Mexico, on emergency slides. [Source: Breitbart]

In the video, you can hear the people screaming, shouting for help. Babies are crying in the background. That’s not at all a surprise. Their worst fears had come true. Trapped in an airplane, they watch as another plane bursts into flames. They didn’t know what would happen next. Would the fire spread to their plane? Would their plane be next? Were they going to survive this horrible moment?

WestJet passenger Gustavo Lobo said he and other passengers heard a crunch when the Sunwing jet collided with their aircraft.

“Out of nowhere there was an audible crunch and the plane rocked slightly,” Lobo told CBC News. “We looked out the window and saw that the plane had backed up into us. Everyone was a little shocked and kind of chuckling at the situation.”

Sunwing tweeted that the accident had been caused by the ground-handling service Swissport, which is a third-party contractor many airports use to handle aircraft and cargo on the ground as planes arrive and take off. [Source: Breitbart]

The moment the plane burst into flames.

It makes you wonder how something like this could happen. Airports are supposed to be expertly organized. Pilots are experienced at maneuvering planes. Air traffic controllers and other staff direct everything, so that planes can come in and go out quickly and safely. How did this pilot crash into another plane? Why weren’t they communicating with each other?

And, why did that plane explode so easily? A minor collision lead to a huge ball of fire? That certainly doesn’t instill confidence among passengers.

The only good news is that all the passengers were able to get off their plane safely. There were no injuries or deaths. Yet, all were surely traumatized by the unexpected disaster. How many are eager to board a plane after that? I’m not sure many will be.