Badass Patriot Pissing Off Anti-Trump Crowd With 5 Simple Words On Truck

A badass American has found himself at the center of quite a bit of attention after taking his truck out on the road. Oddly enough, it seems that he’s ticking off a few people with 5 simple words he recently put on his vehicle – and Donald Trump haters have their panties in a wad over it.

Just like Donald Trump, John Beavers of Belfair, Washington is rather new to the topic of politics. “I’ve never voted in 38 years. I’m not into politicians. I’ve never cared; this is my first year doing it,” he said. Also like Trump, Beavers is making waves within a short time by sharing his opinion.

Unfortunately for those who don’t support Trump, they’ve most recently had to get quite an eyeful after watching Beavers drive by. As can be seen in a photo, the man’s Truck bears the words “Trump: Make American Great Again,” and it even has an American flag flying in the back.

Man Brands Truck With Donald Trump's Name To Show Support
John Beavers with his truck (Photo Source: King5)

“I drive it around every weekend to Seattle to Centralia, across the United States, wherever I can go,” said Beavers. In fact, he’s even planning an unofficial campaign trip in Trump’s name to Hollywood, California, before the primary.

“They say he’s not welcome there. Well I’ll go and park my truck and hand out my free bumper stickers I’ve been making,” he went on to say. Sound like anyone else you know? For those unaware, certain people have tried to ban Donald Trump from visiting places because of his views as well.

Man Brands Truck With Donald Trump's Name To Show Support
Donald Trump

Either way, Beavers states that he’s going to do what Trump would – and not back down. Saying that the presidential hopeful is being bullied for no reason, Beavers explains that Trump has nothing but his support – and now the whole world knows it.

Although you may not agree with everything Donald Trump says, he keeps hitting all the right points that Americans are generally concerned with. With that in mind, there’s really no wondering why he’s managed to rack up such support. I mean, the guy has people completely unaffiliated with him branding their own personal vehicles with his name. That says a lot right there.