Shocked Patriots Say Caitlyn Jenner’s ‘Next Big Move’ Is Going Way Too Far

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Caitlyn Jenner has been stressed out lately (left), Caitlyn Jenner caught smoking (right)

Caitlyn Jenner seemed confrontational during recent appearances on cable news shows, promoting her new book, “The Secrets of My Life.” After being in the limelight for years, she recently said that surgery has made her fully into “a woman.” Now, Jenner just announced her “next big move,” and it’s making a lot of waves as patriots say it’s going way too far.

Caitlyn Jenner has taken years to transform into a woman, and the attention that the former Olympian has received has been intense. The 67-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is seen as the biggest transgender icon. Now, Jenner is coming off as the savior for the LBGT community in recent interviews with Tucker Carlson and Kelly Ripa.

“My loyalties are not with the Republican Party. My loyalties are not with Donald Trump. I’ll come after him and come after Republicans when they start screwing up my community,” Jenner said at an event Tuesday night called “Imagining Men & Women: Caitlyn Jenner on Transgender Identity and Courage.”

Jenner is obsessed with the LBGT community and being an activist, and that’s what is fueling her next big move. According to Breitbart, Jenner stated that “she would consider whether it might be more effective to be an activist outside government” or whether she would “be better working from the inside.” Jenner added, “If that is the case … I would seriously look at a run. It just depends where I could be more effective.”

The one problem for Jenner is that patriots are sick and tired of the Kardashians, and Jenner is just an extension of that whole mess. Social media lit up after Jenner said that she is seriously thinking about running for political office.  The overall responses were scathing toward Jenner.

In a primetime interview Monday with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Jenner ripped President Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Army Secretary nominee Tennessee State Sen. Mark Green. “Jeff Sessions has been very, kind of, anti-LGBT. I know on March 10th, there was a letter sent to him to try to prosecute the murderers of these trans women as hate crimes, which has been done in the past, and he never even responded to the letter, which is extremely disappointing to me,” Jenner said.

Jenner’s stats on trans-murder are way off as she said, “We have a murder rate that’s out of control right now. Already this year, we’ve had nine trans women who have been murdered, just from – since the first of the year.”

Jenner kept repeating that statement over and over without anything to back it up. It was part of the trans talking points that Jenner was less than comfortable parroting to the press. It came off fake. Sure enough, no one can find this supposed epidemic of trans people being murdered because it simply does not exist.

Caitlyn Jenner is being pushed to be an icon for transgender people, something that isn’t coming off too well. Now that Jenner is talking about running for political office, Americans as a whole aren’t impressed. It’s all part of the liberal agenda to push the LBGT community into every facet of our lives, and conservatives aren’t buying what Jenner and her cohorts are selling.

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