Patron Spots Eye-Opening Sign On KFC Restaurant’s Door, BLM Will Be Furious

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The Black Lives Matter movement has been gaining momentum across America. However, when a patron entered their local KFC restaurant, they never expected to read quite an eye-opening sign on the door that will undoubtedly leave supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement furious. When you see it for yourself, you’ll understand why.

Patron Spots Eye-Opening Sign On KFC Restaurant’s Door, BLM Will Be Furious
Stock images used to represent a Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant and the sign on its doors (inset) (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Wikimedia Commons)

When customers entered the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Gallipolis, Ohio, they were taken by surprise when they noticed a new sign on the door. However, after they read what it said, they immediately wanted to share it on social media – and it has since gone viral.

Strategically placed on the restaurant’s front door is a sign for all customers to read and to spread the word. The eye-opening sign reads: “All Uniformed Police Officers Eat Free Everyday All Day”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize exactly why this sign would infuriate members of the Black Lives Matter movement while making the rest of America proud. In fact, the idea that police officers in Gallipolis are getting a free meal would make their blood boil, but knowing that almost everyone else thinks it’s a wonderful idea, there’s no doubt they’re upset.

Patron Spots Eye-Opening Sign On KFC Restaurant’s Door, BLM Will Be Furious
The sign (Image Souce: Ohio Going Blue)

The photo was initially posted on the Facebook page called Ohio Going Blue, after someone in the Gallipolis Police Department shared the good news. Providing a free meal to uniformed police officers is a wonderful idea and proves that they’re still respected by many people across the nation, regardless of what the Black Lives Matter movement is ranting over. Also, it’s safe to assume that this restaurant will never be robbed or burned to the ground, given the fact that police officers will go out of their way to protect it.

Commenters on the post love the sign and what it means for police officers. “Awesome!! I knew I always loved KFC,” one commenter said. Another pointed out exactly what many people were thinking, “Should be nationwide in all restaurants.” One user went so far as to say, “Supported 100% I don’t eat often @ KFC, but because of KFC’S support of the police, our family and friends will make KFC a regular stop! God bless our officers.”

Of course, some of us forget to take into consideration that police officer’s don’t expect or want anything from any establishment. They simply don’t like “special treatment” because they are the epitome of selfless individuals. In fact, they do their job because they want to help their communities. However, all that being said, they still deserve some appreciation thrown their way every once in a while.

Men and women in blue across our nation put their lives at risk on a daily basis just to ensure the public’s safety. The least we all could do is offer them a free meal while they’re on the job. It’s a great way to pay it forward and say “thank you” to those who deserve it the most.