Man Offers To PAY Jon Stewart & Other Liberals To Fullfill Their Promises

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Glen K. Beaton is more than just your average guest opinion writer. Beaton, who resides in the Denver-metro area, has written several opinion pieces for The Aspen Times, but none that have gotten him the amount of attention as his latest. Beaton is offering Jon Stewart and other liberals the chance to not only fulfill their promises, but he’s going to pay them to follow through.

Starting his piece, Beaton says that Barack Obama is rarely at church because he has the race-baiting Al Sharpton come minister to him personally instead. Based on the White House visitor records, Beaton is not far from the truth either. Sharpton has “ministered” to Obama over 80 times during his presidency, but that isn’t the issue at hand. Beaton says he wants to pay Sharpton’s fellow liberal friends to leave the United States and fulfill their vows to no longer reside in America should Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

Glen K. Beaton, a guest opinion writer for the Aspen Times.

Miley said the election of Trump broke her heart into ‘100,000 pieces,’ give or take 99,990 since she can only count to 10. I’ll send her wherever she’d like to go and will even tag along to help her with numbers and stuff,” he wrote. “Returning to the cosmos for a moment, a person named Cherilyn Sarkisian, who goes by ‘Cher,’ said she’d move to Jupiter. OK, she can share a flight with [Jon] Stewart, who will be going the same direction, roughly.”

Liberal, Jon Stewart is specifically mentioned in Beaton’s opinion piece on liberals reneging on promises to leave the country. (AP Photo/Brad Barket, file)

Beaton isn’t mincing words. He’s sick of liberals and their inability to function without every aspect of their lives dictated by the government, and he wants them gone.

But why do these libs keep reneging on their promises to leave? Perhaps these hapless individuals would finally find happiness if they exercised their inalienable right to pursue it in another country. For their sake and ours, I want to help them. I hereby offer to buy a one-way ticket for any Aspen resident who promised in writing before the election to leave the country if Trump was elected, provided they do so permanently and relinquish their citizenship.

Yes, this could be expensive. But it’s worth it.

Beaton is not being confrontational; he’s simply offering liberals a way to keep their promises that they made thanks to their overinflated egos, which are a result of being awarded too many participation prizes. It would be incredibly amazing and even newsworthy if a liberal actually follows through with their promise. But in the meantime, we can have a little laugh at their expense and enjoy the hypocrisy they display daily.

Beaton probably doesn’t have to worry about his hard earned money, though. Liberals talk the talk, but when it comes down to living in the socialism they insist on, they don’t actually want to walk the walk.

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