‘Pedophilia Is A Sexual Orientation’: See The Controversial Video YouTube Is Allowing

As companies like YouTube and Facebook use their power to silence the voices of conservatives, it is, apparently, fine if you promote the belief that pedophilia is A-OK. In one of the most controversial videos of all time, a college student claims that having sex with children is a legitimate sexual orientation. But, what’s seemingly more controversial is that YouTube has allowed this footage to remain on their platform.

Mirjam Heine (left), Jared Fogel, a well-known convicted child molester (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot, screenshot)

The video in question features a German medical student named Mirjam Heine, who believes that “pedophilia is an unchangeable sexual orientation, just like heterosexuality.” She made the shocking statement in a TEDx Talk, footage of which is still, inexplicably, somehow on YouTube.

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“Anyone could be born a pedophile,” Heine alleges in the video, calling it an “unchangeable sexual orientation just like, for example, heterosexuality.” But, she claims that it is the act of pedophilia that separates it from the desire. “The difference between pedophilia and other sexual orientations is that living out this sexual orientation will end in a disaster,” she told the audience.

According to Heine, heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, and pedophilia were all equal sexual orientations, but she adds that pedophilia could be “heterosexual,” “homosexual,” and “bi-sexual.” She then boldly alleged that sexual molestation was an issue created by society and not by the pedophiles.

“For example, they can’t tell their children they can’t go to the beach because children in swimsuits may be there as well,” she said. “They can never be completely frank with someone else,” she added.

“We shouldn’t increase the sufferings of pedophiles by excluding them, by blaming and mocking them,” she said. “By doing that, WE increase their isolation and WE increase the chance of child sexual abuse,” she furthered.

“Just like pedophiles, we are not responsible for our feelings. We do not choose them. … but it is our responsibility to … overcome our negative feelings about pedophiles and to treat them with the same respect we treat other people with,” Heine said.

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The organizers of TEDx removed the video from its platform and issued a statement after the video faced an immense backlash from the outraged public. “After reviewing the talk, we believe it cites research in ways that are open to serious misinterpretation. This led some viewers to interpret the talk as an argument in favor of an illegal and harmful practice,” the statement said.

“Furthermore, after contacting the organizer to understand why it had been taken down, we learned that the speaker herself requested it be removed from the internet because she had serious concerns about her own safety in its wake,” it continued. “Our policy is and always has been to remove speakers’ talks when they request we do so. That is why we support this TEDx organizer’s decision to respect this speaker’s wishes and keep the talk offline.”

This is what people have been concerned about for decades. This is what we were told we were insane for worrying about when we spoke of the dangers of normalizing things like transgenderism. When you start to make excuses for some types of perversion, you create an environment that allows for the normalizing of any type of perversion.

It creates a culture where the pedophile becomes the victim of a society that does not accept that he has a sexual orientation and where he is ostracized. It creates a society where we are asked to accept the pedophile for who he is and are told that if the two people in the relationship are consenting, then it is none of our business.

If you think that is just fear-mongering, think again. Heine is not the first person to suggest that pedophiles are not evil but are a victim of an attraction that they cannot help. How long until we, as a society, see marches and flags declaring that we need to accept these relationships?

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You won’t find many right now who think this way, but twenty years ago, you would not have found many who wanted gay marriage or believed transgenderism was not a mental disorder. These types of changes happen slowly, over decades, but they start with things like Heine’s speech.