After Pelosi Ran Her Mouth For 8 Hours, Angel Mom Puts Her In Her Place With 1 Nasty Line

Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi made headlines after carrying out an 8 hour House floor speech about “DREAMers.” However, things immediately backfired when a mother whose son was killed by an illegal alien put the blubbering Democrat in her place with one nasty line.

After Pelosi Ran Her Mouth For 8 Hours, Angel Mom Puts Her In Her Place With 1 Nasty Line
Nancy Pelosi (left), Laura Wilkerson (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Twitter, Screenshot/YouTube)

Nancy Pelosi is being hailed a hero after running her mouth for a full 8 hours. Apparently, she decided that it was a good idea to advocate for the criminal behavior of illegal aliens. Seeking to use the time and attention for the then-upcoming budget vote, the raving Democrat managed to gum up the works until after 6 in the evening, turning a “one-minute” speech into 8 long hours of ramblings.

Although her main focus was on DREAMers and DACA, she also had time for a wide variety of other topics and even took a few moments to bash the GOP, as Fox News reports. Of course, some liberals are praising Pelosi, saying the speech was her “biggest accomplishment ever,” but all she really did is show that she was full of enough hot air to fill Capitol Hill for a full 8 hours.

Either way, the leftist celebration just came to a screeching halt after an “angel mom” appeared on live television. “Angel moms” are mothers of children killed by illegal immigrants, and sadly, Laura Wilkerson is one such mother. Unsurprisingly, she had a different opinion about what Pelosi had to say.

To understand why Laura didn’t agree with Pelosi’s sentiments, you first have to know what she went through as a mother. Sadly, her backstory is as gut churning as they come. Not only was her son beat to death by a classmate, his body was then burned and dumped with his hands and feet bound. Of course, the guilty party was an illegal immigrant.

A Brazoria County jury on Monday convicted Hermilo Moralez, who was charged with murder in the beating death of his missing classmate, Josh Wilkerson [Laura’s son] …

Wilkerson’s partially burned remains were discovered in a Fort Bend County field, where his body had been dumped with his hands and feet bound. [Source: Chron]

Knowing the horrific nature of her son’s death and the fact that it was committed by someone who shouldn’t have been in our country in the first place, it’s easy to see why Laura doesn’t agree with Pelosi’s desire for illegal immigrant amnesty. And, Laura Wilkerson isn’t alone — not by a long shot.

There are many other mothers with their own tragic stories of dead children killed by illegal immigrants. Even worse yet, it’s a slap in the face to these moms every time a Democrat defends illegal immigration since they know firsthand the implications of allowing such a practice.

Too bad for the left, these parents have had enough of their nonsense, and Laura proved just that after hearing about Pelosi’s 8-hour speech in favor of people like the teen who killed her son. As for the Senate Minority Leader, it would take this angel mom just one nasty phrase to put her in her place — “shut-up-a-thon.”

You know, Nancy Pelosi’s talk-a-thon, I think I can speak for all angel parents that say, you know, we wish you would do a shut-up-a-thon,” Laura Wilkerson said while on Fox News. “She just wasted her time, everybody’s time yesterday. She doesn’t seem to get it,” she continued.

“Why do you need to offer people sanctuary form the law? And you don’t know about it until it lands in your lap,” she asserted, as The Daily Caller reports. “Nobody gets sanctuary from the law in this town, I don’t care what color you are or where you’re from.”

Of course, Laura Wilkerson is right. People may know that Nancy Pelosi spoke for 8 hours, but did she actually make a point? Sure, we know her general sentiments, but they were contrary to what America stands for. This is the legacy of the left — and they’ll have to live with each and every death that their policies enable. Blood is on their hands. It’s time they pay for what they’re ultimately responsible for — and the price is $25 billion for the wall!

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