Pelosi Tied To Child Prostitution Ring, Deeply Disturbing Details Emerge

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-CA (left), a stock photo of prostitutes for illustrative purposes (right)

The Democrats are known for getting their funding from shady sources, just take a look at the Clinton Foundation. This time, it’s notorious California Democrat Nancy Pelosi who has been tied to some ill-gotten campaign cash. The House Minority Leader has been caught with ties to underage trafficking and prostitution, for which she looks to have profited quite handsomely, and the details are disturbing.

A political action committee backed by Nancy Pelosi has been caught taking funds from the co-owner of a website linked to underage trafficking and prostitution. James Larkin, the co-owner of, made a generous $10,000 contribution last year to the House Majority PAC. Created in 2011, the PAC aims to “answer the barrage of GOP outside spending” and help Democrats regain seats in the House of Representatives.

Legal troubles started to mount against Backpage when the site began accepting prostitution advertisements that included postings for sex with underage girls. A 2012 study conducted by Arizona State University and the Phoenix Police Department found that nearly 80 percent of the advertisements posted to Backpage involved prostitution. In Phoenix alone, more than 900 ads for prostitution were found, including ads for underage girls.

As this underage prostitution scandal began heating up for Larkin and his co-owner, Michael G. Lacey, the pair responded by donating vast sums of money to the Democratic Party and Democrats running for office.

The duo began stepping up their political contributions after the site came under fire for its ads and have since donated more than $160,0000 to Democrats in Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, the Arizona Republic reported.

The donation from Larkin to the House Majority PAC, which is backed by Nancy Pelosi, was made on Oct. 13, 2016, shortly before the general election.

In recent years, Larkin has also provided contributions to the Arizona State Democratic Executive Committee, the Colorado Democratic Party, the Democratic Party of New Mexico, and two separate donations to Sen. Mark Udall (D., Colo.).

Lacey provided donations to the Arizona State Democratic Executive Committee, the Colorado Democratic Party, and two contributions to Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D., Ariz.). [Source: Washington Free Beacon]

This isn’t the first time Pelosi’s judgment has been called into question when it comes to the source of her seemingly endless coffers of spending money, either. The House Minority Leader’s integrity was previously subject to speculation when allegations of insider trading surfaced.

Whether it’s through insider trading or underage prostitution, Nancy Pelosi does not seem at all concerned about her funding coming from a legitimate source. Truly, it’s no wonder her approval rating is hovering at a dismal 19%. Even that is a bit high for someone making a fortune off of such immoral dealings.

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