Liberals Panic After What ‘Drunk’ Pelosi Did In Front Of Crowd While Praising Trump-Hater

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Although Nancy Pelosi may think that she’s at the top of her game, this claim couldn’t possibly be further from the truth. In fact, she was most recently able to prove just that as she gathered a crowd to praise a famed critic of President Donald Trump – but she would later leave her own voter base in a panic after the seemingly  “drunken” mistake she let slip in front of cameras.

Liberals Panic After What ‘Drunk’ Pelosi Did In Front Of Crowd While Praising Trump Basher
Nancy Pelosi (left & right), President Donald Trump (center) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos/Wikimedia Commons)

The play titled “Hamilton” made national headlines after a few no-name actors garnered a lot of attention for their performance. Of course, it wasn’t for their acting talent, but rather, the bizarre and cringe-worthy spectacle that they made as Vice President Mike Pence came to watch their show.

The show-stopping rant put on by the cast amounted to nothing more than the insinuation that then-President-Elect Donald Trump was a racist and that Mike Pence had to keep him in line. Despite the fact that this couldn’t possibly be further from the truth, the Vice President sat there, respected their right to Free Speech, and listened to what they had to say.

Videos of the matter were posted to social media, where they immediately went viral. In the end, those on the left were cheering, and those on the right were rather offended by the way the then-soon-to-be Vice President of the United States was treated while simply trying to enjoy a play. More recently, the left has once again decided to show their support for what happened that day.

According to ABC News, the U.S. Capitol Historical Society decided to honor the liberal playwright responsible for the show – and they made it quite the event. Come to find out, Nancy Pelosi was invited to deliver a six-minute, prepared speech, but things would go horribly wrong for Botox Nan and her supporters.

The author of the Broadway musical “Hamilton,” Lin-Manuel Miranda, has a rather hard name to pronounce – at least if you’re Nancy Pelosi. Add to that the fact that several reports indicate that she’s “drunk all the time” with commenters further suggesting she was intoxicated during her most recent appearance, and you get yet another embarrassment for the left.

As Pelosi spoke, she repeatedly had trouble saying his name, and while closing her remarks, called him Lin-Manuel “Madonna.”

Another time, she referred to him as “Ramanda.”

Other times, she seemed to have trouble speaking altogether. [Source: The American Mirror]

With all of her embarrassing mishaps piling up, we can believe that Nancy Pelosi has a serious drinking problem — and the way she was slurring her words certainly seems to prove that even more. As WND reports, she was found to have spent $101,000 taxpayer dollars on “in flight food and booze” over the course of 2 years — for those who have done the math, yes, that’s near $1,000 a week, and if the receipt that WND obtained is any indicator, those expenses were mostly in alcohol, not food.

What’s more shocking is that this incoherent, babbling fool keeps getting elected despite embarrassing her party over and over again. In the end, Pelosi has only done her party damage and continues to do that to this day. Maybe if she would put the wine glass down and get to work, we could actually get some good things accomplished.