Pelosi, Epstein’s Suicide, and the Times We Live In

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As I’m watching the news this weekend, there are some key takeaways:

First, we have 20 Democrat candidates so disgustingly dishonest and without any decency that they will say anything – without any foundation – to see who can win the gross-out contest to win the Democrat nomination for president. 

Second, we have Jerry Nadler (the 4’11” 250 lb. slob) who no matter what any evidence shows, no matter what he gets paid by the taxpayers to actually do for the country, keeps pushing toward impeachment of our president for crimes that all the evidence produced shows were committed by Hillary Clinton, her campaign and the Democrat party. And of course no one would even suggest that Hillary may have broken any laws. 

Third, we have four freshman congresswomen (“The Squad”) – all with very anti-American and anti-America) positions insulting our President. When Trump tells them if they are all so dead set on insulting America, maybe they should return to countries of their origin and show how they could run those countries better than he is running the United States, the reaction to this from the mainstream media (as well as the roster of 2020 candidates) is that Trump is picking on four women of color and call him a racist.

Fourth, we have Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the head of the Democrat party. She knows The Squad is attempting to steer their young followers down a road to socialism that cannot happen. She knows that Nadler is trying to steer his hopeful group of people (who hate Trump more than they love America) down a dead-end road to impeachment that has no merits, and absolutely no possibility of passing through the Senate (and is the absolute wrong thing to do to her party or this country). And she’s powerless (or clueless) on how to stop it.

Fifth, we have Pelosi’s idiot nephew Gavin Newsom, elected to the California governorship by the only ones more clueless than himself, California voters. In the last few months, he has singlehandedly overturned the will of the voters of my state by deciding to cancel the death penalty — and, has openly invited illegal aliens and homeless to come inhabit some of the most valuable real estate in the country by offering free medical and no law enforcement against just about any crime they commit. 

Other states, instead of feeding their homeless, are buying them bus tickets to California — and as the homeless problem is growing right under all of our noses, Newsom in all his wisdom decides the reason is lack of housing. So, he will take Californians’ tax dollars and subsidize developers because he believes that’s why people are homeless in this state. As someone with 30 years’ experience in mortgage and real estate, I can tell you this will eventually affect property values in California.

And instead of splitting California into two or three separate states or trying to secede from the Union, I see the United States kicking California out to stop all federal support for the idiocy here — even though we intelligent people who have lived here all of our lives love being an hour from the beach and an hour from the mountains with the closest thing to perfect weather anywhere in the country. Many of us will, in one voice, declare that we will leave the boneheaded, lawless, socialized nation of California and relocate to the great again United States of America. 

Sixth, we have sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein mysteriously dead from suicide in jail. This is a man who has information that could take down untold amounts of high profile people — most importantly, Bill Clinton. Clinton is someone who, “coincidentally,” has a trail of over 50 people over the past 30 years in similar positions who also mysteriously died: by accidents, murder or suicide. Somehow, no one seems to be seriously questioning that Bill or Hillary Clinton might be behind anything sinister.

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Ed Hoffman is a business owner and licensed mortgage lender in California and Arizona. He is host of The Main Event, a conservative talk radio program that airs on Salem Radio Network stations throughout Southern California.

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Ed Hoffman is a business owner and licensed mortgage lender in California and Arizona. He is host of The Main Event, a conservative talk radio program that airs on Salem Radio Network stations throughout Southern California.