Pelosi Slams ‘Shady’ Trump, Then Her Scandalous Skeletons Come Dancing Out

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Pelosi Slams ‘Shady’ Trump, Then Her Scandalous Skeletons Come Dancing Out
President Donald Trump (left), Nancy Pelosi (right)

Nancy Pelosi has been on the attack since President Donald Trump’s election, and it seems that she’s recently reignited the calls for his tax returns. Unfortunately for her, it seems that slamming “shady” Trump just backfired big time – and her scandalous skeletons just came dancing out of the closet that she never wanted to be opened.

Trump is a very successful man, but it’s only been recent that his empire has come under question. Once lauded for his achievements, now people seek to use that which they once praised him for in hopes of bringing him to his knees.

In fact, Pelosi seems to be leading the charge to prove some wrongdoing on behalf of Trump, and she’s made it perfectly clear that she’ll do whatever it takes to achieve that result. Most recently, she took to a press conference to once again demand that Trump hand over his tax returns.

Unfortunately for her, while she tried to imply that Trump got rich through “shady” dealings, it seems that her own scandalous skeletons came prancing out of the closet. What Pelosi doesn’t want you to know is that she too is rich – one of the richest members of Congress, in fact – but she actually made her wealth in unethical and immoral ways.

According to reports, Pelosi is worth a staggering $202 million, all of which she made as a politician over the past 30 years. By simply doing the math, we can see that Pelosi would have needed to earn a staggering $6.73 million annually to make this happen – a far cry from her annual salary of just over $200,000 a year.

In the premiere episode of “The Truth with Dennis Michael Lynch,” co-host Harlan Hill explains that Pelosi has been complicit in insider trading. Effectively using her position to influence legislation ahead of trades and thus stuff her own pockets through unethical means, Pelosi is the epitome of corruption when it comes to those on Capitol Hill.

Hill said Pelosi’s husband Paul is an “ultra-wealthy real estate investor and venture capitalist who has been an active investor in large companies that have been impacted by his wife’s regulations,” but yet we don’t have a record of his finances.

“Nancy Pelosi has engaged in insider trading,” Hill said, “because she’s been the beneficiary of information that other people wouldn’t have, so Paul Pelosi is able to make active trades on her insider knowledge.” [Source: Dennis Michael Lynch]

Unfortunately for Pelosi, things only get worse from there as this isn’t the first time her immoral behavior has been brought up. In fact, 60 Minutes once ran a segment back in 2011 on her behavior and confronted her on it.

Of course, Pelosi just about cut the answer short by saying she didn’t do it, but the proof is already out there. However, Pelosi really has only gone on to prove that Trump was right in that it’s time to drain the swamp.

It is completely ridiculous that this woman or any politician is making as much money as she is, all from shady dealings achieved by abusing their position in the pursuit of personal gain. As previously noted, Pelosi is the epitome of corruption, and no amount of soap can scrub that stink off.

She can try to make Trump look like the bad guy all she wants, but she may want to think twice before opening her mouth. After all, when she goes down in flames and Trump is still standing – just as he has been after every pathetic attack she’s launched – she’s only going to have herself to blame.