Democrats Panic As Pelosi Slurs Words, Suffers Odd ‘Brain Malfunction’ On Live TV

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) suffered an odd “brain malfunction” during a televised press conference on Capitol Hill this week. The Democrats are panicking after hearing the way she carried on, stammering and slurring her words.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) takes questions from reporters. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/The American Mirror/YouTube)

According to The Daily Caller, at a press conference this week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi suffered several brain freezes and struggled to pronounce simple words like “bean” and “repeat.” The California Democrat oddly began lecturing reporters on soybean futures, but she had a hard time forming a coherent thought.

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“Last week, soybean futures hit a nine-year low,” said Pelosi. “Soy boyn — soybean futures hit a nine-year low,” she repeated, attempting to pronounce the words clearly, accentuating each one with a pointed finger. “Pork producers, corn growers and wheat grawers, growers are reeling, too,” she said before having a brain freeze, staring at reporters and finally saying, “And that’s so far this week.”

Then, having failed to properly address agricultural concerns, Pelosi decided to take on the Supreme Court. “The Supreme Court’s radical Janus decision will have drastic destructive,” she said, apparently having some sort of jaw problem, “destructive and long-stand — standing impacts…” Moments later, she claimed the Supreme Court has “reduced the leverage of workers in our country. Roost their leverage for, again, collective bargaining.” Huh?

At one point, Pelosi let out a big sigh mid-sentence, saying, “So, here we are, we have a better raw deal, we have a better deal.”

Subsequent to this debacle, jaw problems marred her performance again when she mispronounced “Justice Kennedy.”

“Make no mistakes, mistake,” she said shortly thereafter.

According to The American Mirror, Pelosi also became confused regarding how many Americans have pre-existing conditions. “120, 130, 125, 130 million Americans have pre-existing conditions,” she said. “So our…” she said moments later, suffering a brain freeze, causing her lips to quiver as if no words would exit, her hand to wave, and a long stare at reporters, “provena — our history on this is one that has been solid…”

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Then, while taking questions, Pelosi apparently had trouble hearing and asked a reporter to “repoot” their statement. Presumably, she meant “repeat.”

Washington insider Dick Morris, who has a long history of supporting top Democrats, has attributed Pelosi’s odd behavior to her becoming senile in old age. “When you read the text of her remarks, you wonder what’s the matter with her,” said Morris. “Now there are some people on whom senility is an improvement, and in the case with Nancy Pelosi, I think that might be the case.”

“But really, this woman is losing it, and the Democrat Party should not entrust their fortunes to a new-kid-on-the-block like [Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer and a senile old lady like Nancy Pelosi,” continued Morris, adding, “That’s free advice to the party.”

If Pelosi is senile, she should retire immediately, which would be good for all of us. We need another radical leftist in Washington like we all need a hole in the head. However, her continued ridiculousness will only make it easier for Republicans to win again in 2020.

While we don’t know exactly what’s causing Nancy Pelosi’s repeated brain malfunctions, one thing is for sure: She isn’t right in the head. Her behavior during press conferences continues to raise concerns as her antics get more and more ridiculous.

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Apparently, no amount of medication can help her to remain coherent for even a brief period of time so that she can answer a few questions from reporters. Should she really be operating at the highest levels of our government when she cannot even form a logical sentence or go a few seconds without slurring her words? The answer is a resounding no.

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