WATCH: Pelosi Snaps Mid Press Conference As 1 Question Sends Her Over The Edge

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Nancy Pelosi

At her Thursday press briefing, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) snapped, completely losing it on a reporter who was just trying to do her job. One question sent the California Congresswoman over the edge for seemingly no reason at all, and when you watch her meltdown mid press conference, you’ll be left scratching your head.

Nancy Pelosi lost her nut at a Thursday press conference because a reporter asked the female politician a question about politics. Yes, you read that right. The reporter raised a very valid question regarding the Democrats’ strategy in Republican states for the upcoming 2018 election cycle, especially considering that the Democrats had rolled out their party’s new slogan for 2018 just days prior.

However, Pelosi appeared appalled that a member of the media would ask her to comment on politics. She seemed even more annoyed that the reporter would ask this question on Capitol Hill, for some reason. “You want to talk politics?” Pelosi asked. “Right here under the dome of the Capitol of the United States, you want to talk politics? Well, we can do that for a small percentage of the meeting, so I’m happy to do that,” she stated.

Pelosi went on to talk about the Democrats’ strategy to take back the House in 2006 and how they had to start strategizing right after they lost the 2004 election by developing a positive message and listening to constituents.

She later talked about the upcoming election next year and how the party needs to make sure that candidates are representatives of their districts. [Source: Washington Free Beacon]

It’s interesting that a political leader, who was elected by the people to represent their interests in Washington, D.C., would show such an aversion to doing their job. One might wonder what, if not politics, is an acceptable topic for the House Minority Leader of the United States Congress to discuss during a press conference.

This was not the only blunder to come from the left this week. According to The Guardian, on Monday, the Democrats rolled out their new slogan, and it largely fell flat. “A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages” isn’t exactly easy to remember, catchy, or inspiring, which are just a few of the most important things a slogan should be. I suppose it is representative of the party, though, as they are also a major disappointment. It’s just another swing and a miss for the left.

The slogan was so bad, in fact, that it was even criticized by several members of the mainstream media who are known for blindly praising the Democrat Party. Jon Lovett and Jon Favreau, former speechwriters for Barack Obama, both slammed the new slogan on their podcast “Pod Save America,” with Lovett saying he thought it was “garbage.” Likewise, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough called the slogan “so bland” and “so terrible.”

The Democrats better get it together if they want to win back any seats at all in the upcoming election. And, they ought to tell Nancy Pelosi that as a politician, whose salary is funded by taxpayers, she is expected to answer questions about politics. President Donald Trump said we will win so much that we will get tired of winning, and the Democrats sure are making it easy for us to do it again and again.

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