Insider Turns On Pelosi, Reveals She Suffers From Serious Medical Condition

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

Nancy Pelosi’s seemingly constant gaffes and inexplicably ridiculous behavior as of late has left many wondering what the heck could be wrong with her. Finally, a Washington insider has turned on the House Minority Leader and came forward to reveal that he believes Pelosi is suffering from a serious medical condition, and it isn’t just stupidity.

Dick Morris, who has a long history of supporting top Democrats, believes House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has become senile in her old age.

Dick Morris, who served as a top pollster and political consultant for former President Bill Clinton, claims that Pelosi’s recent string of bizarre behavior, such as claiming that George W. Bush was still president or her strange facial expressions during President Trump’s address to Congress, are a result of her developing a case of senility. Pelosi will turn 77 at the end of March.

In a video posted to his website, Morris asks “Is Nancy Pelosi senile? When you look at her statements over the past couple of months, you’re driven to the conclusion that she really has begun to lose it. She constantly confuses the name of the president, she recently gave a whole thing denouncing Bush when in fact she was planning to denounce Trump. She’s missing her cues, saying stuff that’s confused and sort of garbage.” [Source: The Political Insider]

“When you read the text of her remarks, you wonder what’s the matter with her,” Morris says in his newly released video. “Now there are some people on whom senility is an improvement, and in the case with Nancy Pelosi, I think that might be the case.”

He continues, “But really, this woman is losing it, and the Democrat Party should not entrust their fortunes to a new-kid-on-the-block like [Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer and a senile old lady like Nancy Pelosi,” adding, “That’s free advice to the party.”

If Nancy Pelosi is senile, it would certainly help explain her odd antics. She recently fell for a fake tweet from a parody Twitter account for former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, citing it as fact during a televised press conference, and followed up that debacle by having some sort neurological malfunction on live TV.

If Pelosi is senile, it would also mean that she should retire immediately, which would be good for all of us. We need another radical leftist in Washington like we all need a hole in the head. Unfortunately, she has vowed to stay in office to defend Obamacare, whether she has the mental capacity to do so or not — or perhaps that explains why she defends it, to begin with; she doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand what a failure it is. Sadly, for Democrats, brain cells are not a prerequisite to serving in elected office.

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