Pelosi In Hot Water For Ridiculous Comments About Trump’s Plans, Slammed By Her Own Party

President Donald Trump is proving he means what he says. He had a record 2017 — with one win after another, and 2018 is poised to bring greater accomplishments for our country. All the Democrats can do is sit and watch, when they’re not obstructing. Recently, Nancy Pelosi made some ridiculous comments about Trump’s plans. They were so terrible, her own party is coming after her.

Nancy Pelosi is once again in hot water over something she said. (Photo Credit: Shannon Finney/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images/Fox News)

It’s clear the Democrats are fighting a losing war. That was obvious in 2016, when they lost the White House and much of Congress. It was obvious in 2017 when President Donald Trump made good on many of his promises. It was even made more obvious in early 2018, when — after causing a government shutdown — they were forced to quickly reopen the government after three days.

Democrats no longer have any political clout. They have been reduced to bickering school children. Perhaps the world of them is Nancy Pelosi, a San Francisco liberal who can only lie for attention. Recently, she tried to bash Trump’s solution to the on-going immigration debacle. While Trump laid out a reasonable plan that should make both conservatives and liberals happy, Pelosi fired back with baseless, hateful rhetoric. Unfortunately, this was nothing new.

However, this time, it turns out there were plenty of Democrats who didn’t appreciate her “make America white again” comments, in reference to President Trump’s immigration plan, and she soon came under “friendly fire” from fellow Democrats for her remark. Those who were quite displeased with the House Minority Leader included Joe Machin, who went on TV to publicly rebuke the Congresswomen.

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W. Va., who was on CNN’s ‘State of the Union,’ said we “don’t need that type of rhetoric on either side, from Nancy, (Speaker) Paul Ryan or anybody else.”

Trump’s proposal would offer a path to citizenship for 1.8 million so-called “Dreamers.” He would insist on $25 billion in funding for a border wall and security. The proposal also called for a crackdown on chain migration and the diversity visa lottery program.

Pelosi wrote in a statement on Friday that the 50 percent cut to legal immigration and the “recent announcements to end Temporary Protected Status for Central Americans and Haitians are both part of the same cruel agenda. They are part of the Trump administration’s unmistakable campaign to make America white again.” [Source: Fox News]

Nancy Pelosi is the poster child for everything that’s wrong with the Democrats and government overall. A career politician, the 77-year-old has held her position for far too long. She craves power, wealth, and fame. Yet, all she can offer — like most Democrats — is empty comments and race-baiting. Calling President Trump’s plan a path to “make America white again” is the same, tired attacks the left has been throwing at him since the beginning. Nobody’s buying it.

When you have black unemployment the lowest it’s been, ever, you can’t call the President racist. When Trump’s policies have been benefitting Americans of all races, you can’t call him racist. When his immigration plan will encourage good, hard-working people from all countries to come here, you can’t call him racist.

Where is Nancy Pelosi’s proof that the plan will only help white immigrants? There is none. She is just parroting the same garbage the left has said for over 2 years now. But, the American public isn’t buying it. Trump is not the maniacal, racist dictator they claimed he is.

Pelosi’s comments only stand to hurt the Democrats, who are desperately trying to claw back a little bit of influence in Washington, D.C. Believe it or not, Nancy, there are a few people in your party actually trying to help. Instead of being stubborn, cowardly slanderers, eager for the spotlight, they are working behind the scenes to salvage your terrible party. Comments like yours only further destroy their chances to come to an agreement with the President.

“We don’t need that type of rhetoric on either side, from Nancy, (Republican House Speaker) Paul Ryan or anybody else,” said Manchin, a West Virginian and a leader of a bipartisan Senate group working on immigration. He spoke on CNN’s “State of the Union” program.

Manchin’s comments highlighted differences among Democrats ahead of a Feb. 8 deadline for the U.S. Congress to pass another spending bill and try to reach an immigration agreement that would also protect up to 1.8 million illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children, a group known as “Dreamers,” from deportation. [Source: Reuters]

As Nancy Pelosi appears before the cameras, there are a few Democrats who understand the urgency of the situation. If they can’t come to an agreement by February 8, the government will shut down again. Who do you think the American people will blame this time? The Democrats. And, they won’t be too happy to see the government shut down twice. But, I guess Nancy Pelosi can go back to her gated community and wait it out.