Pennsylvania Punk Attempts Armed Bank Robbery, Fed-Up Older Man Delivers Brutal Justice

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A shocking video has emerged out of Pennsylvania, where a dumb punk walked into a bank and pointed a handgun in people’s faces as he demanded money. Unfortunately for the masked idiot, he didn’t see who was behind him until it was too late. A fed-up older gentleman, who walked into the bank just moments before, decided it was time to deliver a dose of brutal justice to the thug, and rightfully so. Luckily for us, it was all caught on surveillance video.

Screenshots from the video surveillance footage (Photo Credits: YouTube/BTMG)

According to Click2Houston, the attempted bank robbery took place on Friday, October 20, 2017. Scott Township police said that 38-year-old John Ryall walked into Honesdale National Bank near Montdale wearing a mask and pointing a gun at bank tellers as he demanded money. The shocking video released of the incident shows exactly what happened to the would-be bank robber when a real man decided to do something about the thug’s behavior.

According to Crave Online, police said that 63-year-old Robert Sakosky, who was in the bank at the time of the attempted armed robbery, immediately took action and opened up a serious can of whoop-ass on Ryall. The 41-second clip begins with Sakosky walking through the front doors of the bank at a slow pace and with a slight limp, making his way up to the counter. After Sakosky enters the bank, two women are seen entering the bank after him and standing off to the side at a small table, and this is when Ryall makes his attempt.

Dressed in all black and wearing what appears to be little league batting gloves, Ryall walked into the bank with a hood over his head and a mask covering his face. Ryall pointed his gun at the bank teller with his left hand and held a bag out for cash in his right hand. He didn’t see Sakosky coming at him like a freight train and instantly gets knocked off his feet with considerable force.

This is when Ryall probably had his “oh crap” moment and reconsidered his stupid get-rich-quick scheme. The viral clip shows the two women run out of the bank as Sakosky doubles up on the punishment. With a nasty move that looks like it came right out of professional wrestling, the older gentleman picks the 38-year-old up off the ground completely and slams him backward on to his head. It’s an epic move that you have to see to believe, and thanks to the surveillance camera footage that’s been released, we can all enjoy it.

Although the shocking clip shows Sakosky walking into the bank with a slight limp, when it came time to take a stand, Sakosky went “full linebacker” on the punk. Not only does Sakosky succeed in disarming Ryall, but he also unmasked him and pointed the police in the right direction when the thug took off with his tail between his legs. Thanks to Sakosky, Ryall received the beating of his life before being apprehended by the police and he is now facing a number of charges, including robbery and making terrorist threats.

Sakosky, who works as the general manager of Carbondale Grand Hotel, was described as a mild-mannered person by one of his employees during an interview with a local news station. “He’s definitely a hero, but he’s just a normal guy,” Wade Nordahl, a Carbondale Grand Hotel employee, said. “I mean, he’s personable, he’s a good boss, he never gets angry. I’m honestly surprised he did it.” Thank God, for good men like Sakosky, and security cameras that allow us all to see and celebrate his bravery.

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