Shocking! You Won’t Believe How Much People Are Paid In This Socialist “Paradise”

The idea of Socialism is becoming more and more popular among young Americans. They like the idea of the government giving them free stuff. However, it seems like these entitled college students don’t understand the devastating cost of Socialism. All we have to do is look at a real Socialist country like Venezuela. A new report has come out, showing how much the average person makes, and it’s not pretty.

Protests in Venezuela. A chart shows the shocking inflation rate. (Photo Credit: andresAzp/Flickr/Kath Halkett/Flickr/Wikipedia)

People like Socialism. It seems to work on paper. They want the government to tax those evil rich people so that they can provide free stuff to everyone else. The problem, of course, is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.

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Socialist countries collapse once private industry goes belly up. There aren’t enough people running businesses that provide goods and services to sell. Jobs dry up. Entire industries disappear. You are left with a crumbling economy and many, many mouths to feed. Guess what? The government doesn’t have enough scratch to feed them all.

We are now learning that, despite aggressive minimum wage laws, the average citizen in Venezuela earns only $2 a month! Yeah, Bernie Sanders is not looking so good now, huh?

The minimum wage in the socialist country of Venezuela has crashed to under $2 a month as hyperinflation continues to shatter the country’s economy…

Despite dictator Nicolás Maduro imposing five minimum wage hikes over the course of 2017, the minimum of 177,507 bolivares was worth just $4 a month.

Yet according to latest real value exchange rates, that figure is now just $1.83, working out at just over one cent an hour for a minimum wage job, the lowest in the world.

Venezuelans also receive a food ticket of 279,000 bolivares a month, bringing people’s total income to around approximately $3 a month, although most essential food products remain unavailable or unaffordable. [Source: Breitbart]

In the United State, liberals like to fight to raise the minimum wage. It sounds good in speeches and gets them votes. However, you just can’t force a company to pay their employees more. That money has to come from somewhere. In Venezuela, they tried to force what companies had left to pay their people, but because of their corrupt government, broken economy, and crippling debt, there was no money left.

That’s okay because their government has the perfect solution: print more money! In case you haven’t guessed, that’s not working out so well either, though.

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This month, Maduro confirmed that the government would release a new 100,000 Bolivar bill in a bid to solve the country’s currency crisis where people are required to use thousands of banknotes to buy the simplest of products.

However, the new 100,000 note, which is the highest denomination note released in modern Venezuelan history, is now worth just over $1 and is rapidly losing value. [Source: Breitbart]

You can print all the money you want, but if your economy is in the toilet, it doesn’t matter. This is because Venezuela is not creating wealth. The Socialist government controls everything. That prevents private citizens from creating businesses, thriving, and providing opportunities for workers. Instead, the government took everything from the people. Now they starve.

It looks like things are only getting worse.

While, 10 years ago, a 100-bolivar note could buy a television, it is now worth approximately 0.001 cents as a result of 99.99 percent hyperinflation. However, rates of inflation continue to accelerate amid political instability and a default on Venezuela’s debts as it edges closer to completely running out of money…

The unprecedented levels of inflation have now led the country into the worst humanitarian crisis in its history, leaving millions living in abject poverty amid chronic shortages of basic resources such as food, electricity, medicine, and sanitary products. [Source: Breitbart]

All thanks to toxic, soul-crushing, evil Socialism. And, to think, liberals want to import that system into America! President Barack Obama did a good job or ruining our health care system with Socialist-like Obamacare. Liberals, like Bernie Sanders, call themselves “Democratic Socialists,” which is like saying you’re “nice murderer.” They want to adopt the same terrible policies that ruined the Russia, North Korea, and Venezuela.

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It is a political and economic system that destroys democracy, bankrupts industry, and eliminates personal liberties. It fails all over the world. Venezuela is only the latest. Who in their right minds would want it here? The answer: those who are blissfully unaware of the result, so make sure you show them this before their quest for “free stuff” kills you and me. Literally.