PETA Launched Protest Of ‘Greased Pig On Ice’ Event, There’s Just One Problem

The international animal advocacy group is at it once again, proving that they have way too much time on their hands. They’ve recently had their eye on a New Hampshire winter carnival after seeing a “Greased Pig On Ice” event was scheduled to take place. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wasn’t having it, and they were quick with their protest, but there’s just one problem.

PETA launched its alert last week regarding the “Greased Pig On Ice,” desperate to make sure no hogs were harmed. Steve Smith, an organizer of the 100th Newport Winter Carnival, was quickly flooded with approximately 100 emails from concerned animal lovers. Folks were quickly informed that no pigs would be harmed during the Saturday event, but that didn’t stop PETA from launching their protest. Unfortunately for them, there wasn’t even a pig involved.

There was just one problem. The “greased pig on ice” is a nothing more than a man on skates in a pig costume with dollar bills tied to his tail. Although PETA spokeswoman Daphna Nachminovitch alleges that Smith did not clarify what the event would entail, she’s pleased that the updated information is excellent news for pigs. She was seemingly unconcerned about the human taking the place of what she thought was going to be a four-legged critter.

Although Nachminovitch is pointing the finger at Smith for the “miscommunication,” Smith says that’s not quite the case. According to Smith, he assured a PETA investigator in a February 5 email that no animals would be harmed during the event, and the group never challenged or questioned him about it any further before writing a detailed email alert, Komo News reports.

Smith further explained that the alert talked about “subjecting these highly sensitive animals to such a chaotic and violent ordeal rife with screaming participants” and also mentioned capturing the pigs and stuffing them into barrels. None of which was ever confirmed by PETA before they went of on their Twitter tirade, calling for a stop to the festivities.

“How can they know what we’re doing if they never even bothered to ask what we’re doing?” Smith, who’s also the general manager of WCNL radio in Newport, questioned. “If they just asked, ‘What are your plans?’ I would have told them.”

Ironically, the carnival has featured greased pig events in the 1930s and continued off and on until the 1980s. When the topic of adding a greased pig event to this year’s carnival was discussed during a planning meeting last fall, Chamber of Commerce president and carnival doyen Ella Casey was adamant that no pigs be used. So, if a little research was put into the issue before immediately jumping to protest, PETA could have saved themselves and others a lot of hassle.

Apparently, PETA didn’t read the fine print on the brochure either, which clearly stated, “Put on your skates and see if you can catch him. Prizes. PETA Friendly.”

Further explaining the event, Smith elaborated, saying the event will feature Newport resident Glen Halleck in a pig costume, being chased by kids on ice skates on the town common, and the plan is for the kids to be surprised that the pig is a costumed character. “And it still will,” Smith stated. “I think the vast majority of the public doesn’t have a clue.” Apparently, PETA didn’t either. No surprise there. Someone needs to give these people something better to do.

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