[VID] Philando Castile’s Girlfriend EXPOSED: See Her Lies, Child Abuse, & Scams

After Lavish “Diamond” Reynolds, the sometimes girlfriend of Philando Castile, live-streamed his death on Facebook, many began to dig deeper to discover who this “credible” witness really was. Now, her lies, child abuse, and scams are being exposed, and as more videos emerge, everyone should be questioning her ability to recognize and tell the truth.

A shocking video has surfaced of Reynolds from just days before the now infamous footage of her narrating Castile’s death after he was shot by a Minnesota police officer. Seen with Castile, viewers are quick to realize what the pair are doing with her daughter present. However, that’s not even the worst of what this woman is willing to do.

Unfortunately, Reynold’s isn’t done with her lying or deceitful ways as she’s also recently taken to the internet along with Castile’s family, scamming people online, as they play a disgraceful game on the public.

Lavish Reynolds smoking pot in car, daughter very upset in back seat (left); Lavish Reynolds driving car flashing whiskey (right)

When Philando Castile was first shot by Latino Officer Jeronimo Yanez on July 6th, Lavish Reynolds decided to live-stream to Facebook as she narrated her version of events. From the moment she opened her mouth, she was lying, and she hasn’t stopped.

Reynolds said it was a traffic stop due to a broken tail light, but it was not. In fact, Officer Yanez is heard on a police scanner saying he is pulling over Castile after recognizing him as a possible robbery suspect, who robbed a convenience store a few miles away just a few days prior.

During the 12-minute viral video that Reynolds posted, which began right after the shooting of Castile, she alleges a lot of things that have now sparked violence in several cities, including the deaths of five officers in Dallas. As Mad World News reported, people only had the word of Reynolds to go on, and now, after it’s too late, it’s revealed that they were blatant lies.

Reports are shedding light on Reynold’s character, which indicates that this woman is not just a liar but she also endangered her daughter on several occasions. Reynolds is a heavy pot smoker who loved gang members, according to her Facebook page. She is shown smoking marijuana on July 4th in the car with her daughter, while another video shows her smoking pot while drinking alcohol right before she takes her daughter swimming and a picture shows her driving while flashing a big bottle of whiskey.

Evidence also shows Philando Castile was affiliated with the Crips gang. He joined the Crips Facebook page and is shown flashing Crip signs, wearing all blue. The police union attorney for Officer Yanez, Thomas Kelly, is confident this shooting will be found to be completely within the law and said, “I’m not concerned about criminal proceedings here, and I don’t think he [Yanez] is either. I can tell you that the driver disregarded the clear commands of Officer Yanez, and Yanez was reacting to the actions of the driver.”

Crips gang page on Facebook, where Philando Castile is a member.

So, we know Reynolds is a liar, who has endangered her daughter in the past. However, what she is doing now with the help of one of her friends is even more disgusting. She is soliciting the public for money, and so far, she has duped Americans into giving her over $36,000 on a Go Fund Me page.

Castile’s mother and sister have Go Fund Me pages too, raking in a combined total of $227,000. According to records, Castile’s mom Valerie is a convict with multiple arrests and convictions:

“Despite numerous felony convictions in Minnesota for Mrs. Valerie Castile (DOB 05/30/1956) including: second degree assault, fraudulently obtaining public assistance; as well as misdemeanor convictions for theft (three times), prostitution, DUI and public nuisance; and despite serving a 3-year-term in federal prison for felony forgery [21CCR-525244], Valerie Castile is fortunately supported by the overall public and by the Black Lives Matter movement.” [via Conservative Tree House]

People might want to think twice before sending money, especially to Lavish, since she has lied and is now getting rewarded in her scam. This was always a publicity stunt and scam to her, and that is evident by her less than convincing acting on the videos. Send money to the families of the cops killed in Dallas, not to some low-lives who are hanging out with the Nation of Islam and lying about police.

mn-shooting-diamond-reynolds (1)
Philando Castile’s sister (left) and mom Valerie (right) with Nation of Islam (bowties) in the background.

The truth needs to come out. The media needs to start focusing on the real problem — politicians like Barack Obama and Governor Mike Dayton of Minnesota, who incite domestic terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter to riot.

These police shootings were clean, and after the regular investigations that happen after all officer-involved shootings, all the facts will completely exonerate the officers in both the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shootings. The damage has already been done because the media jumps to conclusions and listens to liars like Barack Obama, Gov. Dayton, and Diamond Reynolds — all three of these scumbags are to blame.

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