Photo Of Mom & Son Goes Viral, Viewers Heartbroken By What Else It Caught

Photo Of Mom & Son Goes Viral, Viewers Heartbroken By What Else It Caught
8-year-old Tristan Wright pictured with his mother Lori Wright

As we scan the internet, it’s not often that we see something that literally takes our breath away. However, a recent photo of a mother and son has done just that after viewers noticed what else was caught in the snapshot — and it’s truly heartbreaking.

The photo captures the love between eight-year-old Tristan Wright and his mother Lori Wright. Unfortunately, for the past three years, the single mother from Australia has been fighting stage 4 metastatic breast cancer.

Although she’s fighting for the chance to watch Tristan grow up, the picture tells a completely different story that will undoubtedly leave you heartbroken. It caught the silent but desperate plea of a loving little boy simply begging, “Please, don’t die, Mommy.”

Photo Of Mom & Son Goes Viral, Viewers Heartbroken By What Else It Caught
The heartbreaking photo (Image Source: GoFundMe)

The heartbreaking image captures an exhausted and sick Lori, wrapped in blankets with her selfless and caring son’s arms wrapped around her. He looks visibly concerned about his mother, and his need for her to keep fighting to be with him is clearly seen.

Tristan shows courage and compassion beyond his age that too many children in his position are unfortunately forced to face. He has sat beside his mother and has chosen to be her rock while she has endured years of exhausting treatments and their debilitating side effects. He has shown bravery many adults can’t even grasp during a difficult time such as this.

Sadly, as a single Mom, Lori has depleted her finances and is currently carrying a heavy burden of cancer, it’s costly treatments, and affording to care for her son. Clearly, the stress she’s enduring isn’t helping anything and is only increasing her anxiety.

In desperation, the cancer-fighting mother has set up a GoFundMe page, which is called “Help Tristan keep is mummy alive.” According to Mirror, the post reads:

Until now, it’s been tolerable, however Lori’s condition has reached a critical point that requires countless, expensive treatments to not only manage the pain, but to sustain her life so she can watch her little boy become a man. As a single mum, her finances have run completely dry leaving her nowhere to go from here but to ask for the kindness and generosity of the good people of the world to help prolong her life for both her and her son.

Please put yourself in her position.

The financial stress only feeds the problem. We can help alleviate that burden for both of them by giving just a little bit each.

Remarkably, in just eleven days, kind and generous strangers from across the world have already donated over $16,000 of the $20,000 goal with more donations still coming in, undoubtedly putting some of the mother and son’s burdens to rest. This number will only continue to rise as we all work together to spread their story.

Photo Of Mom & Son Goes Viral, Viewers Heartbroken By What Else It Caught
Lori Wright (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Too many families have been affected by this destructive disease. There are few people who haven’t been affected in some way by cancer, and everyone clearly sympathizes with what this family is going through. It’s truly saddening to see a mother fighting for her life as her son desperately prays that she doesn’t leave him anytime too soon.

As a parent, there are many fears you face, but not being able to see your children grow up is one of the most terrifying. Unfortunately, Lori has been forced to face this reality, and her son’s heart is slowly breaking, fearing what could result from her diagnosis. However, there is one thing that can put us all at ease, and it’s that God always has a plan, and whether we like how it’s turning out, he will undoubtedly take care of us all – especially a heartbroken child.

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