[PHOTO] Man’s ‘BADASS’ Truck PROVES He Isn’t Afraid Of Offending Muslims

A picture of a man’s tailgate is going viral after he was spotted driving down the road. If the brutally honest words are any indication, this driver isn’t afraid of offending Muslims in the slightest.

The image of the truck was posted to Reddit after someone stopped beside it at a red light. A fellow Redditor explained that he saw the same truck “on the New Jersey turnpike a few weeks ago.”

The roads seem to have a bit of salt residue on them, pointing toward the likelihood that the picture was taken in the northern states. That being said, the truck in question could very well have been seen in New Jersey.

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Although not everyone agrees with what the driver had to say, his message was loud and clear for the world to see. A decal, placed on the driver’s tailgate, simply read:


With liberal politicians cramming pro-Islamic ideology down our throats on a daily basis, while chastising those who speak against it as “hateful,” “racist,” and “bigots,” quite a few Americans are becoming upset. Proving just that point, this driver seems more than fed up with this reality and intent on expressing his First Amendment rights.

As the tyrant Barack Obama has been allowed to rule virtually unrestrained, it’s no wonder a great many of our constitutionally outlined and guaranteed rights have come under fire. After all, if we can’t say what we want and believe what we want, then what’s the point?

Although I believe that Allah is a perverse and barbaric “god,” I think this man’s message is clear on two fronts. Islam has no place in a civilized world, and we, as Americans, can say whatever we please. I think it’s time Obama and the likes of other leftist whiners come to terms with this reality.

(h/t: Reddit)
(Image source: Imgur)